Mystery Piano Discovered on Scottish Mountain Peak

Classic Arts News   Mystery Piano Discovered on Scottish Mountain Peak
Conservation volunteers were surprised to discover a piano near the summit of Ben Nevis, Britain's highest mountain, the Edinburgh-based John Muir Trust announced today.

Volunteers were clearing litter from the 4,418ft peak and discovered the instrument, which was missing its keyboard, under a pile of stones called cairns. A biscuit wrapper with a best before date of December 1986 indicates that the piano has possibly been on the mountain for twenty years.

Volunteer group organizer Sandy Maxwell said the piano was the most unusual object discovered on the peak. "We have a constant battle against litter being left on Britain's highest mountain, but this elevates being a litter lout sky high into a completely different category. We are now trying to track down who took it there."

The piano has now been broken into pieces in order to facilitate its removal from the mountain. There are no clues to the origins of the instrument or how it arrived on the peak. But Nigel Hawkins, director of the John Muir Trust, which owns part of the Scottish mountain, told the Associated Press, "People have played rugby up there, and someone drove up a herd of llamas. It does attract a lot of wacky things."

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