New Jersey Competition Responds to Pianist's Lawsuit

Classic Arts News   New Jersey Competition Responds to Pianist's Lawsuit
Officials from the Young Pianist Competition of New Jersey say that the competition's founder did not slam a piano shut on a young pianist's hands at Carnegie Hall in June, the Associated Press reports.

In a lawsuit filed last month, Bryan O'Lone said that competition founder Yeleva Ivanov had closed a piano on his fingers to prevent him from playing a Chopin Scherzo, even after another official gave him permission to play the work.

In a statement, the board of the competition said that Ivanov had assigned Beethoven's "Path_tique" Sonata to O'Lone and that his plea to be allowed to play the Chopin had been rejected. O'Lone played the Beethoven work in rehearsal, the statement said, but when it came time to perform, announced that he would be playing the Chopin.

At that point, the statement said, "Mrs. Ivanov lowered the lid slightly (while holding it in her hands) so he could not continue to play and asked him to leave the stage."

The board also said that O'Lone's family had screamed obscenities at Ivanov.

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