New Picasso Recording Features Cuccioli, Von Essen, Noll and Hicks

News   New Picasso Recording Features Cuccioli, Von Essen, Noll and Hicks
A concept recording of the new musical The New Picasso is now available on-line.
Max von Essen
Max von Essen Photo by Aubrey Reuben

The two-disc set features the talents of Robert Cuccioli, Max von Essen, Christiane Noll and Rodney Hicks as well as Brooke Sunny Moriber, Ashley Amber, William Parry, Joseph Dellger, Tony Freeman, John Jeffrey Martin and Alton Fitzgerald White. Several of the tracks on the two-CD set boast the 59-piece Prague Symphony Orchestra.

The New Picasso features a book and score by Jonathan David Sloate. The musical, according to press notes, is described as such: "Tormented by his mother's suicide, Jon Bernard is driven to become the greatest painter that the world has ever known. Incapable of embracing the unconditional love and adoration from his childhood sweetheart, Jennifer Robbins, or from his caring father and upbeat group of friends, Jon innocently entangles himself into the ever-scheming clutches of Vanguard City's most powerful art dealer, Jules de Medici, who remains deeply obsessed with the memory of Jon's mother. The dark passionate journey Jon embarks upon to discover the depths of true love brings him to the brink of disaster and ruin once Jules entices him with a stunning temptress, Alexandra Laurent. So befalls this epic tale of betrayal, obsession, resurrection, and the quest for love's ultimate redemption… The Soul."

The complete track listing for The New Picasso follows:

Disc 1
"From My Mind's Eye" - Max von Essen, Rodney Hicks, John Jeffrey Martin, Steven Goldsmith, Brooke Sunny Moriber, William Parry & Ensemble
"I Believe" - Brooke Sunny Moriber
"From My Mind's Eye – reprise" - Max von Essen
"Wind Up Doll" - Ashley Amber
"Art Gives You Immortality" - Robert Cuccioli, Joseph Dellger, Tony Freeman, Ashley Amber & Ensemble
"Everything You Touch Is Beautiful To Me" - Brooke Sunny Moriber
"Save Tomorrow For Another Day" - Rodney Hicks, John Jeffrey Martin, Steven Goldsmith & Ensemble
"Lost At Sea"- Max von Essen
"Live Your Dream" - Christiane Noll
"Kingmaker"- Robert Cuccioli & Max von Essen
"Forever"- Max von Essen & Brooke Sunny Moriber "The Tango Of Miracles"
"Our Boss Is Really Sumthin'!"- Ashley Amber & Jerry Gallagher
"Act 1 Finale"- Brooke Sunny Moriber, Max von Essen, Rodney Hicks, William Parry, Elizabeth Earley, Joseph Dellger & Ensemble

Disc 2
"How The Game Is Played" - Robert Cuccioli
"All The Lonely People"- Max von Essen
"A New Day!"- Max von Essen & Ensemble
"I'll Destroy Him!" - Robert Cuccioli
"Girl Of My Dreams"- Max von Essen
"The New Picasso" - Joseph Dellger, Tony Freeman, Bob Barth, Alton Fitzgerald White & Ensemble
"Fly Away With Me"- Max von Essen
"Our Boss Is Really Sumthin'! - reprise"- Ashley Amber & Robert Cuccioli
"If You Believe"- Rodney Hicks & Max von Essen
"He's The One"- Ashley Amber
"I Can See Her Eyes" - Robert Cuccioli & Max von Essen
"Tell Me With Your Heart"- Ashley Amber & Max von Essen
"Dear God, I Pray"- Max von Essen
"A Hero To Me"- Ashley Amber
"Live Your Dream - Act 2 Finale" - Christiane Noll, William Parry & The Company
"Curtain Call" - The Company For more information visit

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