New Spate of Equity-League Talks Enter Day Three

News   New Spate of Equity-League Talks Enter Day Three
Actors' Equity and Broadway producers continue their current contract negotiations July 8, following two full days of talks.

The Thursday negotiations began at 11 AM at the Equity offices in midtown.

Both sides returned to the negotiating table on July 6 following a nine-day hiatus. The two sides had not met since talks broke down during the final hours of Sunday, June 27. Each side said the other walked out of talks. The new set of talks effectively extends the current contract, which expired on June 27 at midnight.

According to the New York Post, both parties were urged to reconvene by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg played an important role in ending the musicians' union strike, which shut down Broadway for four days in March 2003.


The major points of the new Production Contract between actors and stage managers and the producers of Broadway and touring shows are health-care issues and non-union tours. A sorer point, however, may be the Equity demand that League producers uniformly pledge to cease licensing Broadway shows to companies that create non-union tours. According to the Post, producers have bristled at this idea, which they consider unacceptable interference in business decisions that should be theirs alone to make.

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