New Technology Projects 3D Moving Images Onstage in Losing Something

News   New Technology Projects 3D Moving Images Onstage in Losing Something
It allowed Madonna to perform with the animated band Gorillaz at the 2006 Grammy Awards and now the technique is employed in the United States for the first time in a theatrical stage production entitled Losing Something.

3 Legged Dog presents the new work, which began performances April 3 and opens April 6 at 3LD Art and Technology Center for a limited run through May 5. 3-Legged Dog executive artistic director Kevin Cunningham wrote and directed the piece.

The story of Losing Something follows a man who "drifts inexorably into middle age," according to show materials. "As he ineptly attempts to account for his past, the drift accelerates to a headlong plummet. Hobbled by the limitations of memory, he is confronted and confounded by the people he lost: his best friend the victim of an ambiguous suicide attempt, the lover who initiated him into the darker side of sex, his partners in a short-lived, clumsy ménage a trios. But as the only eyewitness to his own life, he is the least reliable witness of all."

The production marks the North American theatrical premiere of Eyeliner technology — provided by the company's Danish partners, Vision 4. Eyeliner is described as "a new and unique high definition video projection system that allows spectacular and convincing 3-D moving images on a live stage." It is basically a newly-adapted form of the old stage trick, Pepper's Ghost (which uses plate glass lighting to affect an image where it is not) for the modern age. Eyeliner "produces high-resolution holographic, moving images" through the use of a video projector system.

The cast of Losing Something includes Aldo Perez, Michael Bell, Victoria Chamberlin, Catherine Yeager and Livia De Paolis.

The design team includes Paul Di Pietro (sets), Allison Keating (costumes and make up), Jeff Morey (video), David Tirosh (lighting) and Sean Hagerty (sound). The production also features original music by Aldo Perez. Mikael Fock and Rikke Jeuland serve as technical advisors from Vision 4. The production stage manager is Julia Funk. Tickets to Losing Something at 3LD Art and Technology Center, 80 Greenwich Street (between Edgar and Rector St.), are available by calling (212) 352-3101. For more information visit

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