New Victory Kids' Theatre Season Includes Nine U.S. Premieres

News   New Victory Kids' Theatre Season Includes Nine U.S. Premieres
The U.S. premiere of I, Malvolio, a personal look at Shakespeare's puritan killjoy, as well as the opera The Firework Maker's Daughter and The Mark of Zorro, will play midtown Manhattan as part of the New Victory Theatre's 2012-2013 season of family-friendly programming.

Nine U.S. premieres of inventive productions from around the globe will fill out the 16-title season that runs Oct. 12, 2013-June 9, 2013.

Here's a look at the New Victory season:

Oct. 12–21
Cali, Colombia
"Urban, created in the barrios of Colombia, features autobiographical performances Vigor, danger and attitude infuse every act, from feats of strength to the trapeze, tightrope and triple dutch routines."

Ring A Ding Ding
Oct. 17–Nov. 11
Oily Cart
London, England
"Alice and her dog are having a 'wuff' day. When she demands that her furry friend stop chasing his tail 'right now,' he runs away, sending her into a tricycle-riding tizzy. From London's acclaimed Oily Cart, creators of innovative, multi-sensory and interactive productions for the very young, Ring A Ding Ding is an imaginative and energetic work of participatory theatre."

London, England
Oct. 26–Nov. 4
"Objects take new forms and spring to life in fantastical and funny ways in Mojo, a collage of puppetry, illusion, dance and live music by Theatre-Rites. Lauded internationally for their distinct interest in multi-disciplinary work for young people, Theatre-Rites collaborates with a variety of sculptors, poets, painters, and video or installation artists to present children with unusual contemporary imagery and push the boundaries of theatrical form." Black Violin
Miami, Florida
Nov. 9–25
"They played to sold-out houses at The New Victory in 2009, and now, virtuoso violinists Kev and Wil B return with their funky fusion of classical, jazz, hip-hop, blues and R&B. With DJ TK on the turntables, Beatdown on the drums, and Joe Cello on the cello, these Apollo Legends perform a concert of new compositions, classic favorites and pop cover tunes."

From the Ground Up
Circus Oz
Melbourne, Australia
Nov. 30–Dec. 30
"Circus Oz returns to The New Victory for the fifth time this holiday season when they launch the U.S. tour of their brand new show. Starring acrobats, jugglers, trapeze artists, and a live rock band, From the Ground Up features all the hallmarks of a Circus Oz show: irreverence, eccentricity, and astounding circus feats – each one topping the last."

I, Malvolio
Tim Crouch
Brighton, England
January 11–20, 2013
"The puritan killjoy of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night finally has his say in this poignant one-man tour-de-force by British scribe Tim Crouch.v A hilarious, charged and often unsettling rant from a complex man full of pride, passion, rage and humiliation, I, Malvolio is a compassionate deconstruction of one of classical literature's most misunderstood characters."

The Mark of Zorro
Visible Fictions
Glasgow, Scotland
Feb. 8–24, 2013
"From acclaimed Scottish theater company, Visible Fictions comes a timeless tale about a mysterious masked avenger. Using simple props and physical ingenuity, the cast of three conjures all the drama, wit and suspense of an action flick."

Windmill Theatre
Adelaide, Australia
Feb. 20–March 17, 2013
"Windmill Theatre returns with a new puppetry show for the littlest theatergoers and their families. Based on author Ted Prior's hugely popular character about the top of a Burrawang tree that comes to life, this playful show's protagonist serves as an inspiring role-model with perception, curiosity, determination and creativity."

As You Like It
The Acting Company
New York, NY
March 1–10, 2013
"When Rosalind's uncle banishes her from the palace, she, her cousin Celia and the court jester, Touchstone, flee to the Forest of Arden, where they soon find themselves entangled in a beguiling game of love, deceit, desire and mistaken identity. This production is directed by Pig Iron Theatre's Dan Rothenberg."

Bello Mania
Bello Nock
Sarasota, FL
March 15–31, 2013
"With his signature gravity-defying hairdo, Bello Nock, a former Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey clown along with his talented troupe of circus all-stars performs trampoline and bungee jumping routines, handstands on a high wire and much, much more."

The Intergalactic Nemesis
Book One: Target Earth
The Robot Planet
Austin, TX
April 5–14, 2013
"A sci-fi adventure with aliens, adventure, conspiracy and intrigue (and plenty of laughs) – three actors voice a cast of dozens of characters, one Foley artist creates all the sound effects with hundreds of gadgets, a keyboardist plays a live score, while more than 1,250 comic-book images blast panel-by-panel from a two-story-high screen."

Le Grand C
Compagnie XY
Lille, France
April 18–28, 2013
"A collective of 17 acrobats performs heart-stopping stunts with distinctive style and trust in each other as their only safety net. They create one astounding human formation after another to make a portrait of expressive movement, powerful physicality and continuous surprise."

Le Clan des Songes
Toulouse, France
April 25–May 12, 2013
"A word-free work of puppet theatre, an inquisitive, Chaplin-like fellow embarks on a journey carrying a suitcase filled with magical surprises. Bunraku and shadow puppetry combine with haunting original music to provide a poetic narrative for each vignette in the story. Inspired by the Italian animation series, 'La Linea' by Osvaldo Cavandoli, Fragile is part two of a trilogy created in 2007."

The Firework Maker's Daughter
Based on the Novel by Philip Pullman
Co-produced by The Opera Group and Opera North in association with ROH2 and Watford Palace Theatre
London, England
May 3–12, 2013
"Based on the enchanting novel by celebrated author Philip Pullman, this new opera tells the story of one girl's quest to become a firework maker. David Bruce and Glyn Maxwell's The Firework Maker's Daughter, which is directed by John Fulljames, boasts a grand, expressive score by Mr. Bruce and a witty libretto by Mr. Maxwell, both of which are inspired by world folk traditions. Accompanying a cast of five singers are stunning creations from Cambridge-based puppet design company, Indefinite Articles."

Rennie Harris Awe-Inspiring Works
Philadelphia, PA
May 17–26, 2013
"Urban dance guru Rennie Harris delivers street dance with straight-up Philly soul in Rennie Harris Awe-inspiring Works, aka Rhaw. With music as diverse as its dance styles, Rhaw features a youthful company of nine dancers who put fresh spins on pop and lock, b-boy, house, hip-hop and boogaloo to create funky, upbeat depictions of city life, young love and growing up."

The Girl Who Forgot to Sing Badly
Theatre Lovett
Dublin, Ireland
May 31–June 9, 2013
"Actor Louis Lovett spins a fantastical yarn about a young heroine with the voice of an angel (an angel who can't sing at all) who knows it's up to her to save the day and rescue an entire city. This one-man production written by Finegan Kruckemeyer is directed by Lynne Parker, one of Ireland's most celebrated directors."

Tickets for new members are available online starting July 17, or by telephone starting July 24. To purchase visit, or phone (646) 223-3010. Single tickets go on sale Aug. 7.

The New Victory Theatre is located at 209 West 42nd Street.

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