New York City Ballet Still Searching for New Music Director

Classic Arts News   New York City Ballet Still Searching for New Music Director
The New York City Ballet has been conducting an extensive search to replace departing music director Andrea Quinn, who leaves on June 25, the end of the spring season.

According to The New York Sun, the process, which has gone on for well over a year, has been slow in part because of the difficulty of "finding someone who is flexible and willing to compromise to meet the dancers' needs." The search could continue into the fall.

Several guest conductors have had trials. NYCB soloist Jason Fowler told the paper that there have been a few surprises during performances: "Some of the tempos have been really fast. When a guest conductor is nervous, their adrenaline gets pumping. We keep up as well as we can."

Orchestra members are hoping that a replacement will be found quickly. NYCB general manager Kenneth Tabachnick told the Sun, "If you imagine that you have a different person leading every piece that you're doing every night — and some of them you may not have seen many times before — it can be a bit unnerving."

According to the paper, a strong contender is Fay‹al Karoui, music director of Orchestre de Pau Pays de B_arn, who will conduct at the company's summer season in Saratoga Springs, New York.

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