New York City Ballet to Return to Saratoga in 2006

Classic Arts News   New York City Ballet to Return to Saratoga in 2006
The New York City Ballet will continue its long-running summer residency at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center next year, the Albany Times-Union reports.

As the 2005 season ended last weekend, representatives of both SPAC and NYCB told the paper that the ballet company will return next summer.

The City Ballet residency at SPAC has been a source of controversy. In February 2004, the center announced that NYCB would not return in 2005 because the company's performances consistently lost money. That decision prompted a state audit that eventually led to the departure of longtime SPAC president Herbert Chesbrough and the resignation of the entire board. Meanwhile, the center reinstated the 2005 season, leaving subsequent seasons up in the air.

According to the Times-Union, ticket sales this season were down only slightly, but revenue dropped by six percent, in part because of promotional ticket giveaways. The overall cost of the residency to SPAC, which has been as high as $1 million in previous years, will not be released for several weeks.

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