New York Fringe Fest Featured on Reality Show "Cupid"

News   New York Fringe Fest Featured on Reality Show "Cupid"
The New York International Fringe Festival, which haunts a couple dozen unlikely corners of downtown Manhattan for two weeks in August, will get some national exposure soon.

An episode of the reality show "Cupid" will, on Aug. 12, use a Fringe show as a backdrop. "Cupid" concerns three girlfriends who grill eligible men in a search for a likely boyfriend for their gal pal. The scenario currently afoot will see Paul Stancato, one of the bachelors still standing, taking his date, Lisa Shannon, to the Fringe show Rockshow. Stancato didn't choose Rockshow at random from the Fringe's 200 attractions. He co-created the musical and would have directed it, too, if he hadn't been picked to participate in "Cupid."

Rockshow is about a New York City rock band with one last chance to prove itself. It is playing at the Fringe venue The Great Hall at Cooper Union. The performance is at 7:45 PM. Anyone who wants to get caught on "Cupid"'s camera can purchase tickets by calling (212) 279-4488 or consult An air date for the episode has not been announced.

On the "Cupid" website, Stancato said he hopes Rockshow will reach an Off-Broadway or Broadway stage. As for those who might think his involvement in reality show at the same time his show is going up more than a coincidence, he said, "If I wanted to promote my career, I'd go promote it. I'm here for Lisa. I'm having a great time getting to know a really special lady."

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