New York International Fringe Festival Tickets Go On Sale July 24

News   New York International Fringe Festival Tickets Go On Sale July 24
Tickets for the 13th annual New York Fringe Festival, a theatrical buffet representing over 200 companies from around the world, go on sale July 24.

Running Aug. 14-30, the festival presents new work and revivals in 20 of Manhattan's downtown performance venues. FringeNYC offerings range from the outrageous to the classics, including straight plays, musicals, dance, performance art, spoken word, improv, puppetry and multimedia.

A selection of FringeNYC offerings follow:

  • The Boys Upstairs
    By Jason Mitchell
    "Sex, Dating, Friendship, and all the blurry lines in between...this New York story invites you upstairs to the fabulous living room of city boys who handle relationships, careers, and the city with style, scandal, and specialty cocktails!"
  • Dominate Yourself!
    Written and performed by Amy Heidt
    "Amy Heidt takes you through the morning session of a sublimely silly self-help program run by some highly questionable characters. You'll laugh at them, root for them, and maybe even identify with them. Definitely an alternate universe Oprah pick."


  • And She Said, He Said, I Said Yes
    By Harrison David Rivers
    Directed by Eric Louie and Anika Chapin
    "Post breakup, three women attempt to make sense of their lives. In recounting stories of weight gain, drunk dials, flying milk cartons, Facebook stalking, and hair growth, they explore the very nature of love, loss, and ultimately their own humanity."
  • The Aperture
    By Sean Christopher Lewis
    Directed by Craig J. George
    "In the woods outside of Baltimore, Alex McGregor is staging fake photos of war torn Uganda. Notoriety follows until her subject - a boy soldier refugee - reverts, committing a horrible crime."
  • Flutterbies
    By Frank Christopher
    Directed by Lea DeLaria
    "Lea DeLaria directs a seasoned Broadway ensemble in this poignant and funny drama set around a day in history when spirits abound and souls collide. Will Anthony get off the pipe? Does Grandpa have dementia? Will Dianne shoot her man?"
  • Camp Wanatachi: A New Musical
    Book, lyrics and direction by Natalie Weiss. Music by Natalie Weiss, Conrad Winslow and Travis Stewart
    "Spirit-soaked and hormone-charged, two 13-year-old girls fall in love at Christian summer camp. Live orchestra. Sick beats. Songs like 'We All Need Jesus in Our Lives' and 'Let's Ride Bareback.' This nostalgic musical is super futuristic."
  • Candide Americana
    By Stanton Wood
    Directed by Edward Elefterion
    "Our immigrant hero Candide's epic journey leads him through 9/11, Katrina, white supremacists, Arab-seeking lynch mobs, abortion clinic bombings, self-immolating activists, the no-fly terrorist list, hijackers, and ponsy schemes. Is this REALLY the best of all possible worlds?"
  • just don't touch me, amigo
    Written and performed by Fernando Gambaroni
    Directed by Jose Zayas
    "A comedy about loneliness in the city and the alienating process of becoming a resident alien."
  • VOTE!
    Book and lyrics by Ryann Ferguson. Music and additional lyrics by Steven Jamail
    Directed by Ryan J. Davis
    Choreographed by Rachelle Rak
    "At GVHS, it hardly matters who will lead student council. But trying telling that to the candidates running and the people who love them (or hate them). The rest of their lives seem to hinge on who can get the most votes."
  • The K of D, an urban legend
    By Laura Schellhardt
    Directed by Braden Abraham
    "Truth: Before Charlotte's brother died, he kissed her. Legend: Everything Charlotte kissed from that moment on also died. A summertime ghost story about a small-town girl with a lethal skill."
  • For the Love of Christ!
    Book, music and lyrics by Ben Knox. Additional lyrics and arrangements by Brian J. Nash. Additional book by Heather Collis and Karen Weatherwax
    Directed by Holly-Anne Ruggiero
    Choreographed by Holly Cruz
    "In 1979, a French-Canadian airline steward flew into San Francisco and all hell broke loose! This bathhouse brouhaha explores the Advent of AIDS while satirizing humanity's extremes: religious zealotry, gay drama and maniacal monkeys make for an outrageous experience!"
  • La Ronde
    By Arthur Schnitzler and translated by Carl R. Mueller
    Directed by Larry Biederman
    "Critically acclaimed in Los Angeles, Schnitzler's infamous 'once banned' play examines love, sex, and heartbreak in one-act episodes."
  • How Now, Dow Jones
    Book by Max Shulman, music by Elmer Bernstein and lyrics by Carolyn Leigh
    Directed by Ben West
    Choreographed by Rommy Sandhu
    "This newly revised version of the zany 1968 musical comedy follows Kate, the voice of Dow Jones, whose fiancé won't marry her until the Dow Jones Averages hit 1,000!"
  • The Crow Mill
    By Andrew Unterberg
    Directed by Eli Gonda
    "A home besieged by strangers. A newborn on the way. A couple unearths a grisly childhood while a mother loses her memories and secrets of their past."
  • I Can Has Cheezburger: The MusicLOL!
    By Kristyn Pomranz and Katherine Steinberg, with additional music by Mike Gillespie
    Directed by Karina Bennett
    "Snack attack! Come along as a cat journeys through the alternate universe of the Internet in pursuit of his one true love: a 'cheezburger.' Based on cult website, this campy musical romp is sure to make you LOL!"
  • Series 6.2: Paint on Canvas
    By Becca Hackett and Katherine Randle
    Directed by Ilana Becker
    "Armed with words and paint, two artists engage in a playful battle on a life-sized canvas. Tackling their greatest demons and joys, they bring new artwork to life with each unrestrained, paint slinging performance. Do YOU human well?" For tickets and further information phone (212) 279-4488 or visit FringeNYC.

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