New York Philharmonic Seeks Summer Home in New York City

Classic Arts News   New York Philharmonic Seeks Summer Home in New York City
The New York Philharmonic is stepping up efforts to create an outdoor concert venue for summer concerts, Crain's Business New York reports.

According to the newspaper, public relations consultant Howard Rubenstein is working on behalf of the orchestra to enlist New York mayor Michael Bloomberg's support for a new venue within the city limits.

New York Philharmonic spokesperson Eric Latzky confirmed that the orchestra was seeking a summer home in the city, telling PlaybillArts, "The New York Philharmonic has long hoped for a summer home within the city where New Yorkers and visitors could enjoy our music in a relaxed, perhaps waterfront setting."

Latzky pointed out that "the dream of a summer home is not just for the Philharmonic—we envision a festival-type facility with both covered and outdoor areas as a home for all kinds of music, and for all New Yorkers."

The Philharmonic currently plays summer concerts in Central Park and other parks around the metropolitan area, but the city has no permanent outdoor music venue along the lines of suburban Chicago's Ravinia Festival, Cleveland's Blossom Festival, or Los Angeles's Hollywood Bowl.

This summer, the Philharmonic will inaugurate the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, a new $70 million venue on the site of the Woodstock Festival, 100 miles northwest of New York City. Mehta has previously suggested that the center could become the Philharmonic's permanent summer home.

Asked if the Philharmonic remained interested in playing regularly at the Bethel Woods Center, Latzky would say only that "the Philharmonic looks forward to performing the innaugural concert of the Bethel Woods Center for the Performing Arts."

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