Nineveh Comes to Off-Broadway, Oct. 21-Nov. 13

News   Nineveh Comes to Off-Broadway, Oct. 21-Nov. 13
Working Man's Clothes Productions plans to present an Off-Broadway production of what they call a new "miracle play"—the academic term applied to the often-authorless, Bible-based plays from the Medieval era.

The play is called To Nineveh and was written by Bekah Brunstetter. Issac Byrne is to direct.

The plot, as described in press materials, involves "Rebekah (Ellen David) and Isaac (Roy Miller), parents to two grown sons, Jacob (Paul Fears) and Esau (Jared Culverhouse), [who] struggle to make their way through their temptations, their sins, and their duties as the two young men prepare for their adulthood, and their roles in a more than normal family.  For Isaac is the lawyer of God, Esau, the older son, the man to follow in his footsteps, Jacob the rebel, struggling with his own sexuality, at odds with all, but the favorite of Rebekah."

As the character names suggest, the story is lifted from the Old Testament. Also thrown in for good measure is the tale of Jonah and the Whale—who was ordered by God to prophesy in the wicked title town. The production promises it will bridge "the questions and paradoxes of the modern faith, and of modern life."

Also starring are David Carr-Berry, Andaye' Hill, Brian Schlanger and Julian James.

The show will play the American Place Theatre at 520 Eighth Avenue, 22nd floor.

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