Noises Off? No - It's An Accident

News   Noises Off? No - It's An Accident

Last night Noises Off at the Comedy was canceled due to an injury to one of the actors during the performance: it seems someone was hit by a cactus!

Given the extraordinary carryings-on that are an integral part of the action, with furniture flying, doors crashing and people tripping and falling, an injury is not at all surprising.

Laurence Olivier, a notedly athletic performer in his younger days, would frequently injure himself, and his insurers were particularly unhappy with the way he literally dived off a balcony in his film version of Hamlet.

Sheila Gish has recently been performing the lead role in Phaedra at the Riverside Studios while wearing a plaster cast on a broken wrist. Her gallant behavior is typical of the theatre, as - whatever happens - the show must go on. Hopefully this will also be the case with Noises Off, despite last night's mishap.

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