NYMF Announces Concerts with Reichard, Schonfeld, Goodman and More

News   NYMF Announces Concerts with Reichard, Schonfeld, Goodman and More
In addition to the numerous new musicals being presented during the New York Musical Theatre Festival, aficionados of the genre can indulge in a series of concerts presented in conjunction with Ars Nova.

The concerts and special events are designed to showcase musical theatre newcomers as well as established artists currently working in the field. From Broadway performers to rock artists, beat-boxers and contemporary composers, the Ars Nova series features diverse talents converging to celebrate musical theatre.

The performance schedule and artists featured follow:

Without Skin or Hair
"Nick Jones (ringleader of the pirate puppet rock opera consortium, Jollyship the Whiz-Bang) and Benjamin Ickies (frontman of the 18-piece rock band, Ambitious Orchestra), join forces and combine bands to present new arrangements of their individual work as well as songs from their musical, Little Building."
Sept. 22 at 7 PM

Chopsticks Larry: A Tribute
"Enthusiastic fans Eli Bolin & Sam Forman perform a series of outrageously funny songs by their favorite cult musical theatre composer, 'Chopsticks' Larry Mendelbaum (aka Bolin & Forman). Some Mendelbaum classics on this program include: 'Blinded By Love' (from Mendelbaum's 1971 Gay Oedipus) 'Midnight Train To Moscow' (from the infamous R&B Chekhov adaptation, Tree Sistaz!) and 'Naked Brunch' (the title song from what critics have called 'the most offensive show of all time')."
Sept. 23 at 7 PM

Hearken to a Pie Hole
"Songwriters Joe Iconis (2007 Kleban Award winner) and Robert Maddock team up with director John Simpkins and a cast of starry musical theater punks for a night of piano smashing music. Full of evil M.C.'s, delightful derelicts, hedonistic hustlers and a baby in a jar, Hearken to a Pie Hole promises to be the most repulsively entertaining collection of songs you can imagine."
Sept. 24 at 8 PM Mel & El: This Show Rhymes
"If Bette Midler, Carol Burnett and Roz Russell all got drunk and did it - Mel & El would be the result. With memorable songs like 'Nice Jewish Boys' and 'Fagnet,' Mel & El: This Show Rhymes has been described as a musical Kathy & Mo meets 'Sex and the City.' Created and performed by funny femmes Melanie Adelman and Ellie Dvorkin, with music by Patrick Spencer Bodd, Evan Toth, Kimberly Stern, Noah Diamond and Amanda Sisk."
Sept. 28 at 8 PM

Clear Blue Tuesday
"Director Elizabeth Lucas (NYMF: The View From Here, Captain Gravy's Wavy Navy, The Last Starfighter) presents an evening of songs from the rock movie musical Clear Blue Tuesday, featuring the film's extraordinary cast of actor-singer-songwriters. Weaving together the stories of eleven New Yorkers whose lives change course after 9/11, Clear Blue Tuesday explores how we examine our own lives against the backdrop of catastrophic world events."
Sept. 29 at 9 PM

Jeremy Schonfeld: New York Storybook
"A true piano man and storyteller through song, Jeremy Schonfeld (Drift, NYMF '06) chronicles New York through his richly layered blend of rock-theater fusion. Joined by an invited cast of all-star Broadway talent, Schonfeld will demonstrate why he is quickly becoming a sensation on New York's art-rock scene."
Oct. 1 at 8 PM

Todd Almond Loves You
"Singer-songwriter Todd Almond (People Like Us at NYMF '05) has quickly emerged as someone to watch on the theater scene. Having performed choice roles such as Charlotte in I Am My Own Wife and the title role in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Almond, joined by surprise guests, takes an evening to present his own material from favorite and upcoming projects. With downtown rockers and theatre stars alike flocking to see Mr. Almond - this is a concert you won't want to miss!"
Oct. 4 at 8 PM

Daniel Reichard: Kegger '07
"Kegger is a celebration of music and beer and the stupid things that happen when you put the two together. Fill up at the keg and join Jersey Boy Daniel Reichard and his special guests who will perform classic rock songs all night long. Be prepared to chug beer and dance! (This party is standing room only)."
Oct. 5 at 12 PM

Paul Scott Goodman: Songs, Stories, Friends
"Since his splash onto the New York scene with his 1999 musical Bright Lights Big City, Paul Scott Goodman's work has developed a cult following. Join the singer/songwriter and his special guests, who will perform some of his greatest hits from Bright Lights Big City, Rooms (NYMF '05) and his forthcoming musical, Alive In the World (NYMF '06 Developmental Series)." Music Direction by Jesse Vargas. Directed by Scott Schwartz.
Oct. 6 at 8 PM

Junk in the Trunk
"As Lin-Manuel Miranda prepares to take In the Heights to Broadway in March 2008, he dives into his trunk and serves up songs from his past, present, future. Junk In The Trunk will be performed by Miranda and cast members of In the Heights, with internationally renowned beatboxer Shockwave providing tasty beats and a bevy of special guests to be announced."
Oct. 7 at 7 PM

Tickets for the Ars Nova events are $20. Tickets go on sale Sept. 1 at www.nymf.org. Those interested in securing tickets prior to that date can become festival members. Information is available at www.nymf.org. The Ars Nova is located at 511 West 54th Street in Manhattan.

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