NY's Triad To Bring Home the Bacon With Porker Sisters Sept. 14

News   NY's Triad To Bring Home the Bacon With Porker Sisters Sept. 14
Everywhere there's lots of piggies, living piggy lives..."

Everywhere there's lots of piggies, living piggy lives..."

Lennon & McCartney must've had the theatre in mind when they penned this tune, because pigs are all over the place these days. There's Richard Foreman's touring show, Pearls For Pigs; the Off-Broadway gay revue, When Pigs Fly, which recently celebrated its first anniversary at the Douglas Fairbanks Theatre; and Utah's Sundance Institute recently developed a revival of Charles Ludlam's The Enchanted Pig, directed by Theodora Skipitares.

Now New York will get another hammy entry: The Porker Sisters, a revue conceived and written by Mark York and choreographed by Densil Adams. Set to grunt its way into The Triad club/theatre space on West 72nd St., The Porker Sisters tells the story of the Three Little Pigs: Boareen, Porcine and Pigeen Hogg. B.B. Wolf, of the Huff & Puff Talent Agency, transforms them into a singing sensation, bringing them on tour from "Oinklahoma City" to "Hogg Kong."

The Porker Sisters begins performances Sept. 14, with a run scheduled through Oct. 2.

Composer/lyricist York has penned such previous works as Rest In Peace and The Odd Ducklings. He has also served as Jerry Herman's musical coordinator. Artistic director of the Plano Dance Theatre, Adams is best known as the choreographer of recent Doritos corn chip commercials. Songs in The Porker Sisters include, "Feast Or Famine," "The Poodle Shimmy," "In Boarcelona," "The Rock Weiler Theme," "Eskimo Sweetie Pie," "Somewhere There's A Size For Me!", "Huff And Puff," and "The Grand Porker Finale."

Filling the Triad's trough will be performers Lorraine DeMan, Angi Ahlrich, Amy Browne, Chris Brady, Travis Leung, Hector Coris, Kai Schmoll, Marcie Barrett, Denise Rosner, Amy Bouril and Will Parker. Costumes are by J.K. Langlois; lighting by Claude Sloane.

For tickets ($12 plus a $10 minimum) and information on The Porker Sisters, call (212) 799-4599. The Triad is the former home of Forbidden Broadway and, years ago, was called Steve McGraw's Supper Club and Palsson's.

--By David Lefkowitz

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