Obie-Winners Zimet and Maddow Collaborate on Belize, Jan. 6

News   Obie-Winners Zimet and Maddow Collaborate on Belize, Jan. 6
Paul Zimet and Ellen Maddow, the writer-composer team behind the multiple Obie Award-winning Painted Snake in a Painted Chair, will present Belize at La MaMa E.T.C. beginning Jan. 6.
Paul Zimet and Ellen Maddow
Paul Zimet and Ellen Maddow

The cast will feature downtown theatre stalwarts William Badgett, David Greenspan, Randolph Curtis Rand, Steven Rattazzi and Maddow herself, as well as Eisa Davis, John Keating, Audrey Pernell, Tina Shepard and Connie Winston, and Afro-Caribbean drummers Kwesi Ifatola Camara and Vivian Warfield and Irish fiddler Liz Albertson. The show's tale comes from English and Caribbean history of the late 18th century. The central figure is Edward Despard, an Irish-born colonel in the British army, who was sent to the West Indies as Superintendent of Belize to protect British interests in the slave and sugar markets. Instead, he delivered control of the land from the hands of a few wealthy Englishmen to the mixed-race poor. Soon he became an enemy of the British state. When he returned to Britain he was convicted as a traitor.

Tickets are $15. Call (212) 475-7710.

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