Off-Broadway Bomb-itty of Errors Transfers to London Stage

News   Off-Broadway Bomb-itty of Errors Transfers to London Stage
Just how many ways can Shakespeare be reinterpreted? The Bomb-itty of Errors shows how theatrically versatile he is, by fusing classic theatre with the original live beats of an onstage deejay in a bold hip-hop spin on Shakespeare's farcical tale of mistaken identities.

Inspired by Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors, Bomb-itty inventively traces the chaotic family history of two sets of male twins who are put up for adoption by their struggling hip-hop parents. After the boys' father is arrested for small-time drug dealing, their mother falls apart and splits the boys up between two foster homes and disappears. The Bomb-itty of Errors follows the explosive confusion when the four boys meet up 20 years later. Because the two sets of twins look identical, wives, sisters, bill collectors, street hustlers, girlfriends, townspeople, jewelers and ladies of the night are thrown into a tailspin of total confusion with outrageous results.

Bomb-itty was originally created in 1998 as a senior theatre project at New York University, but quickly went on to become a huge critical success and audience pleaser Off-Broadway at New York's 45 Bleecker Theatre. Since then Bomb-itty has knocked both audiences and critics off their feet and swept awards in New York City, Florida, Chicago and Edinburgh.

Now it is heading for the New Ambassadors, where it's likely to be a spring hit when it opens in May, proving that William Shakespeare's work remains evergreen. It will also give The Complete Shakespeare a run for its money, in a 90-minute show starring the three American actors seen at Edinburgh, where they won the Stage Award for Best Ensemble with three actors: Chris Edwards, Joe Hernandez-Kolski and Charles Anthony Burks. They play all 16 roles, and are supported by deejay and composer Kevin Shand, creating the music live onstage.

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