On the sidelines with Lea Michele and Jeff Daniels for Broadway's Draft (audio)

Inside Track   On the sidelines with Lea Michele and Jeff Daniels for Broadway's Draft (audio)
I stumbled sleepily into the The New York Public Library for Performing Arts' Dorothy and Lewis B. Cullman Center (try saying that to a cab driver at 7 AM), to hear the news of the Tony nominees straight from the horses' (or in this case, the stars' Lea Michele and Jeff Daniels) mouths.

After the usual mingling and last minute handicapping (Bravo Richie Ridge...the winner of my unofficial pool!), we shuffled into the auditorium and took our seats. After a few remarks from The League's Charlotte St. Martin and newly appointed chairman, Paul Libin, The Wing's Ted Chapin and Howard Sherman, the countdown began. "Five minutes, folks," the stage manager yelled.  You could feel the electricity in the air! After all, this is like Broadway’s draft day…except with singers in Capezios instead of linebackers in Under Armour.

As soon as Lea Michele (in a fabulous pair of Christian Louboutin round-toe platform pumps) and Jeff Daniels stepped up to the podium, we knew…it was go time.  Pen in hand, cameras up, fingers on the keys, digital recorders set, aaaand GO!

The next eight minutes were filled with the sounds of shuttering cameras and quiet buzzing from the peanut gallery.  A few gasps (no Daniel Craig?!), some scattered claps (Sherie Rene Scott and Katie Finneran, we like you), an ooo (from me…again, I really liked Lea's shoes), an ahh (there will be an original score winner this year!), and even an audible "yippie” for Sean Hayes from the lady sitting next to me.

I went backstage afterward to chat with Michele and Daniels to hear their thoughts on the nominees and get some words of wisdom for their peers about how to survive Tony season.
Click below to hear it!

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