Paganini's Violin Bought by Moscow Foundation

Classic Arts News   Paganini's Violin Bought by Moscow Foundation
An 18th-century violin once owned by virtuoso Nicolo Paganini was purchased by Moscow's Violin Art Foundation and will be lent each year to the winner of its annual competition, the BBC reports.

The instrument, which was made by master violin-maker Carlo Bergonzi, was sold at auction in London on November 1. The Moscow-based foundation bought the violin for over $1 million, a record auction price for a Bergonzi violin.

The instrument, one of only 50 surviving Bergonzis, was sold by Paganini's son, Achille, and eventually came into the possession of John Corigiano Sr., concertmaster of the New York Philharmonic from 1943-1966 and father of the composer. Corigliano sold the violin in 1957 to the individual, an amateur musician, whose family sold it earlier this week

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