Pavarotti, Rumored (Falsely?) to Be Close to Death, Working on New Recording

Classic Arts News   Pavarotti, Rumored (Falsely?) to Be Close to Death, Working on New Recording
The daughter of Luciano Pavarotti, Giuliana, has been quoted in the Italian magazine Diva e Donna as saying her father realizes his death is imminent, the Associated Press reports. Pictures accompanying the article also corroborate rumors that the singer has dropped weight.

Giuliana, appalled, subsequently told the Evening Standard that she was "tricked into saying those things" and that her father is robust.

"His humor is upbeat, he is doing pshysiotherapy and he is not thinking about dying," the newspaper reported her saying.

Pavarotti's manager, Terri Robson, was also shocked on hearing rumors that the singer was nearing death, initially saying that Giuliana's words had been "twisted." The article was originally published in the German magazine Bunte and was taken out of context, Robson asserted to the AP.

"He's very positive," Robson said in the Standard, and often talks about seeing his parents and finding peace, his greatest wish.

She added that the singer is teaching daily students he chose for study, and working on an album of classical and religious music. The recording is scheduled to be finished by fall and on sale early next year.

The 71-year-old Pavarotti, though not pleased, apparently laughed when told by Robson of Giuliana's claim.

"[He] said he is feeling stronger," said Robson.

The tenor has been suffering from pancreatic cancer, with which he was diagnosed in July 2006, and so cut short a farewell tour he began in 2004. Back pain from a previous injury had caused him to cancel some concerts as well.

Weeks after undergoing surgery in New York, Pavarotti announced his plans to resume his tour on returning to heath, and has since been recovering on his estate in Pesaro, Italy.

Pavarotti insists he is fine and getting better, according to the Standard.

"What do you want me to say? That I'm dead? Well, I'm not. At the moment I am thinking of the nice fish supper I am going to have tonight."

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