PHOTO CALL: A Sneak Peek at Katie Finneran in TV's "I Hate My Teenage Daughter"

News   PHOTO CALL: A Sneak Peek at Katie Finneran in TV's "I Hate My Teenage Daughter"
"I Hate My Teenage Daughter," the new family comedy starring Jaime Pressly and two-time Tony winner Katie Finneran as single moms, will make its premiere Nov. 30 at 9:30 PM ET on Fox.

The situation comedy casts the two actresses as "best friends – and former nerds – who fear their privileged and overly indulged daughters are turning out just like the mean girls who picked on them in high school."

"Annie (Pressly), who was raised in an ultra-strict, über-religious household where she had little-to-no freedom, pretty much allows her daughter, Sophie (Kristi Lauren), to do whatever she wants," according to Fox. "Annie’s best friend Nikki (Finneran), once an unpopular, overweight social pariah, is now a pretty Southern belle who also allows her daughter, Mackenzie (Aisha Dee), to do as she pleases. The moms have given the girls everything they asked for and everything they never had: clothes, money and self-esteem. The unintended consequence is they have created two mean girls just like the ones who tortured them years ago."

Here is a sneak peek at the show:

The series also stars Eric Sheffer Stevens as Annie’s ex-husband, Matt; Kevin Rahm as Matt’s brother, Jack; and Chad L. Coleman as Gary, Nikki’s ex-husband.

The series is produced by Bonanza Productions, Inc. in association with Warner Bros. Television. Sherry Bilsing-Graham and Ellen Kreamer are executive producers. The series is written by Bilsing-Graham and Kreamer. Andy Ackerman executive-produced and directed the pilot.

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