PHOTO CALL: Not a bit Ham-my

News   PHOTO CALL: Not a bit Ham-my

Photo by Aubrey Reuben

Joe Wilson Jr. and Brenda Braxton star in Little Ham, which opened at the John Houseman Theatre Sept. 29. With them (in red) is BJ Crosby, a cast member of Harlem Song and a former co-star of Braxton's in Smokey Joe's Cafe.

Set in the Harlem Renaissance, Little Ham traces the adventures of Hamlet Hitchcock Jones as he gets messed up with the mob and fights to keep his friends and his girl. Little Ham is based on characters created by poet, novelist and lyricist Langston Hughes. Andre Garner, Monica L. Patton, Joe Wilson, Jr. and Brenda Braxton are featured in the cast.

— By Christine Ehren

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