PHOTO CALL: Regina Taylor's Trinity River Plays Begin at Goodman Theatre in 2011

News   PHOTO CALL: Regina Taylor's Trinity River Plays Begin at Goodman Theatre in 2011
Regina Taylor's trilogy of short plays, The Trinity River Plays, begins in early 2011 at Chicago's acclaimed Goodman Theatre, running Jan. 15-Feb. 20.

The Trinity River Plays include Jar Fly, Rain and Ghoststory, each centering around the life of the female character Iris. In Jar Fly, according to Goodman notes, "Iris and her cousin Jasmine are opposites: determined Iris plans to go to college and become a writer, while rebellious Jasmine has dropped out of high school to follow a path of self-destruction. Seemingly headed in different directions, the cousins come to a crossroads when Jasmine draws Iris into the terrible secret she has been hiding since childhood."

In Rain, the second installment, "fiercely independent Iris has made a successful life for herself as a journalist in New York City, but when her marriage fails, she begins to unravel. In search of solace, Iris returns to her mother's house in Texas, but her homecoming proves more confounding than consoling when her mother makes a shocking announcement. As long-buried family secrets come to light, Iris must face her past and make some difficult decisions about the future."

In Ghoststory, the third and final The Trinity River triptych, "Iris is surprised by a visit from her estranged husband, Frank, desperate for a reconciliation. But before this reconnection can be explored, she must confront and embrace the specters of her past that continue to haunt her present."

Here's a look at the productions:


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