PHOTO CALL: The Clampetts Take the Stage! A Very First Look at The Beverly Hillbillies Musical

News   PHOTO CALL: The Clampetts Take the Stage! A Very First Look at The Beverly Hillbillies Musical
Jed Clampett are taking the stage in Indiana, where Theatre at the Center presents the world premiere of The Beverly Hillbillies The Musical. The production officially opens July 13 following previews that began July 10.

Directed by Jeff Award nominee David Perkovich, the cast features Jim Harms as Jed, Summer Smart as Elly May, John Stemberg as Jethro, Norm Boucher as Mr. Drysdale, Holly Stauder as Mrs. Drysdale, Kelly Anne Clark as Granny, Tina Gluschenko as Jane Hathaway, Bernie Yvon as Col Foxhall, Victoria Blade as Frederika, Rebecca Bradford as Ashley, Mary Nigohosian as Mrs. Pennyweather, David Sajewich as Brewster, Jill Sesso as Tallulah, Patrick Tierney as Percy and Colette Todd as Rita. The ensemble includes Julie Baird, Jake Mahler and Patrick Martin. "The Beverly Hillbillies The Musical follows the nouveau-riche Clampett family as they move to the privileged society of Beverly Hills after discovering an oil reserve on their land. From Jed Clampett to Granny, Elly May and Jethro all the favorites from the '60s TV comedy are back and shaking things up as they adjust to their new, fast-paced life while maintaining their hayseed ways," press notes state. "The Clampett's trials and tribulations start to unravel when two crafty con artists cook up a scheme to fool overnight millionaire Jed Clampett out of his not-so-hard-earned millions. The chaos continues as nephew Jethro faces relationship problems, daughter Elly May has growing-up pains, and Granny just wants to go back to the simple, butter-churnin' life she knows and loves. Despite watching his 'black gold' turn into blackmail, Jed remains calm because, in the end, he knows that a country boy is always quicker than a city slicker."

Here's a look at the world premiere production:

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