Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre to Restore Some Live Music

Dance   Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre to Restore Some Live Music
The Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre has reached an agreement with its musicians that will mean the return of live music for some performances, the PBT announced.

Under a memorandum of agreement signed by the company and the musicians' union yesterday, the company agreed to hire musicians for two of its five productions next season. Musicians will also perform, for free, at the gala opening night performance of the PBT's Copp_lia on February 9.

Musicians agreed to drop the grievance against the company that they filed with the National Labor Relations Board last year and to sign a contract for the 2006-07 season. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the contract extends the terms under which the musicians played last season.

"We are glad to be returning to the pit and performing with our artist colleagues of the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre," said Cynthia Anderson, a spokesperson for the musicians.

The PBT has performed to taped music since last fall, when officials announced that they would eliminate live music to save money. Musicians claimed that the move, which came in the midst of contract talks, constituted an illegal failure to bargain.

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