PLAYBILL PLAYLIST: Cast of Rock N' Roll Debauchery's: Freak Show Pick Favorite Halloween Songs

Playlist   PLAYBILL PLAYLIST: Cast of Rock N' Roll Debauchery's: Freak Show Pick Favorite Halloween Songs
Angel Reed's Rock N' Roll Debauchery in association with Jacob Langfelder and Broadway the Hardway will present Rock N' Roll Debauchery's: Freak Show Oct. 24 at the new 42West. In anticipation of the concert, members of the cast and creative team pick favorite Halloween songs as part of this week's Playbill Playlist
Justin Matthew Sargent
Justin Matthew Sargent

The evening experience will begin at 8 PM with performances set for 9 PM.

Performers include Justin Matthew Sargent (Spider-Man, Rock of Ages), Sean Matthew Whiteford (Rock of Ages), Alison Cusano (A Night With Janis Joplin), Elizabeth Urbanczyk, Angel Reed (Rock of Ages), Greer Gisy (In The Heights in Brazil) and Adriene Couvillion.

Bryan Campione and Harold Lewter will direct and produce the immersive evening, filled with sideshow performances and immersive video graphics on a 30-foot LED wall. Musical direction is by Ron Negro.

Freak Show will also feature aerial stunts by Jennifer James and Elaina Royter and a pre-show performance choreographed by Matthew Neff.

The evening includes choreography by Sheena DiMatteo, costume design by Domino Couture and visual media by Bleu Rose Photography. Band members include Aurelian Budynek, Virus and Bob Goetz, and additional support is from Madeline O'Hara.

42West is located at 514 West 42nd Street. For tickets, click here. For more information, visit

Sheena DiMatteo: "I Put A Spell On You" from "Hocus Pocus." Nothing like Bette Midler and the Sanderson sisters to kick off your Halloween bash. It's a no brainer!

Matthew Neff: Of course my answer is Tim Curry's "Anything Can Happen On Halloween"! Why? Because it was a childhood standard on cable during Halloween. Mrs. Garrett playing twins both good and evil?! "The Worst Witch" is Halloween to me. A classic!

Angel Reed: My New favorite Halloween song is "Karn Evil 9." We have adapted this song to fit our "Freak Show" theme, and it opens our show… "The greatest show in Heaven, Hell or Earth," "It's Rock and Roll." I mean it's pretty FREAK'n awesome!

Madeline O'Hara: I'd definitely say the "Hocus Pocus" cover of "I Put A Spell On You" because it's a nostalgic reminder of why I love the Halloween season so much. And, because…Bette Midler.

Aurelien Budynek: "Quote Unquote" (off of "Mr. Bungle," released in 1991). [It's] psycho-delirious circus music, with twisted musical-like, sugar induced vocal interpretation by the brilliant Mike Patton, and a perfect ADD compositional approach to boot. If that doesn't scream Halloween, I'm not sure what does!

Alison Cusano: My favorite Halloween song is the "Monster Mash"! I picked this song because, first of all, it's hands down the best Halloween song there ever was and, second, on Halloween my friends and I like to put the song on repeat and see how many times we can listen to the full song over and over until we're sick of it. Even on the 52nd time, we get excited every time it starts!

Ron Negro: My favorite Halloween song is "Black Sabbath" from the self-titled debut album of, you guessed it, Black Sabbath! The rain, creepy church bells, thunder…the slow, forbidding tempo and distorted tritone guitar chords all scared the hell out of me when I was small. Still does a little!

Bryan Campione: "Welcome to My Nightmare" (Alice Cooper and The Muppets). This is one of the most theatrical performances of a true Halloween classic! And, to top it off — Alice with the Muppets? I mean, come on! Pure genius.

Anna Chazelle: "Wolf Like Me" (TV on the Radio). This song is raucous, powerful and delightfully creepy. It's an old favorite of mine! Perfect for when you just need to rock out and get your heart pumping.

Adriene Couvillion: "Vogue" by Madonna. When in costume, even the straightest man will give you their best runway walk when they hear this song. I love to see people lose their inhibitions, have fun and let their bodies mooooooove to the music. You know you can do it.

Greer Gisy: "Monster Mash" by Bobby Boris Pickett. This song takes me way back to trick-or-treating with the neighborhood kids. And I love the 50s vibe! #retroween

Tom Welsch: "Psycho Killer" by Talking Heads because it's a classic and never gets old with a great beat.

Jennifer James: I can't think of anything that gets me more excited than [Michael Jackson's] "Thriller," so that is my choice. It's perfect for Halloween, but then it's perfect for any other day, too. And, almost anyone can get off their butt and be inspired to move to that one!

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