PLAYBILL PLAYLIST: Lesli Margherita Shares Her "Kiss My Royal Butt" Playlist

News   PLAYBILL PLAYLIST: Lesli Margherita Shares Her "Kiss My Royal Butt" Playlist
Lesli Margherita, an Olivier Award winner for her performance in Zorro and current star of Broadway's Matilda, will bring her solo show All Hail the Queen to 54 Below June 13-14. In anticipation of the concert, Margherita picks songs that make her feel like "The Queen" as part of this week's Playbill Playlist.

Lesli Margherita
Lesli Margherita

"What songs make me feel like the Queen ruler of the world?" Margherita asked. "What doesn't, really. Let's be honest. But here are my top 10 'Kiss My Royal Butt' songs that get me pumped up and ready to rule."

The 11 PM concerts, written and conceived by Margherita, will be directed by Lauren Bass with musical direction and arrangements by Brett Ryback (Murder for Two).

All Hail the Queen, according to press notes, "is 'totally more than a cabaret.' It's a Vegas-style nightclub act. Taking the reigns from the likes of Bette Midler and Liza Minnelli, Margherita commands the room with sass and bawdiness -- plus some self-deprecating humor for good measure – as she sings and struts her way through the 70 min set which includes twists on old songs and new favorites (courtesy of MD-Arranger Brett Ryback). With hilarious storytelling and showstopping numbers, the evening offers something for everyone. There will be feathers. There will be sparkles. And you better believe there will be worshipping. So, bow down… All Hail the Queen!"

The concerts will also feature lighting design by Kristie Roldan and are produced by Jordan Bass and Lauren Bass.

54 Below is located at 254 W. 54th Street. For tickets, call (646) 476-3551, visit or click here.

"Eye of the Tiger" (Survivor). Don't laugh. Seriously, I play this before every single audition I have. It gets me psyched up. Though when I saw Rocky, I had a panic attack when they sang it — I thought I was missing an audition.

"Queen of the Night" (Whitney Houston). Obvs, the title. But her in that weird space/kitchen utensil outfit in "The Bodyguard"… She was like, "Whatevs, I'm fierce even with this colander on my head!" I wanted to be that fierce. Still do.

"We Will Rock You" (Queen). I don't need to explain this. The best "Get outta my way or I will neck punch you" song… Plus Freddie Mercury: one of the best performers ever.

"Bad" (Michael Jackson). I'm a huge MJ freak. Have been my whole life. When I was little, I would walk around singing this feeling like the shizz. Don't mess with me. I sing this song now, but, umm, Jessica Rabbit-y…not like Michael. That would be weird.

"Army Of Me" (Björk). This song is angry and badass. It is also extremely helpful if you are dealing with difficult people. Like, oh, I dunno, actors. Lyrics: "If you complain once more, you'll meet an army of me." Again, may come in handy.

"Baby, I'm a Star" (Prince). Love the original, but obsessed with the Tina Turner version. I've stolen it. You will often hear me singing this in the shower when I'm not so much feeling like a star and need a boost. Actually, I hope you don't hear me in the shower. That means you are a creeper.

"Bamboleo" (Gipsy Kings).
 Had to include this one. This was one of my songs in Zorro the Musical. I was the Gypsy Queen. Whenever I hear it, I automatically go into diva queen mode (the good kind). This is also shameless promotion for a show I love — it's my article. The Gipsy Kings rule.

"Control" (Janet Jackson). "It's Janet. Miss Jackson if you're nasty"?? COME ON! Kick-ass woman. This song always makes me feel like I can do anything. Except wear the boxy jacket she wears. Or the flats. I can't.

"Hate On Me" (Jill Scott). Haters gonna hate, y'all. No clue why I just turned Southern, but whatevs. Somebody is always gonna hate something you do. Always. (Insert fart noise.) Pay them no mind. Be the ruler you are. Love this song!

"Express Yourself" (Madonna). Everything. The true Queen. I was obsessed with "Truth or Dare" as a preteen. Explains a lot, I think. She was so amazing singing performing this, I always try and channel her confidence. Or at least have half-naked men around me when I perform.

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