PLAYBILL PLAYLIST: Shoshana Bean Shares Her "Summer Lovin'" Playlist

Playlist   PLAYBILL PLAYLIST: Shoshana Bean Shares Her "Summer Lovin'" Playlist
Shoshana Bean, who has been seen on Broadway in Wicked and Hairspray, will offer Los Angeles concerts June 17 and 24 — as well as a New York City show July 27. In anticipation of Bean's concerts, she shares her "Summer Lovin'" playlist as part of this week's Playbill Playlist.

Shoshana Bean
Shoshana Bean

Bean will play Downstairs at Fifty Seven June 17 and June 24 at 9 PM and NYC's The Cutting Room July 27 at 7:30 PM.

"I've chosen my summer songs playlist based on one simple litmus test: 'Does this song make me want to roll all the windows down, open the sunroof and drive down the PCH with my hair blowing in the wind?'" said Bean, who is currently based in L.A. "If the answer is yes, it's in. Here it is, in no particular order!"

Bean's albums include "Superhero" and "O'Farrell Street."

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"Problem" (Ariana Grande). This is my candy-coated, guilty pop pleasure of the summer for sure. It's a joy to be able to support a pal, not just for the purpose of support, but because I genuinely love the song!!!! My girl is singing her butt off, the beat is hard, and the concept and lyrics… Let's just say it's a good reminder.

"Turntable" (Grace Potter and The Nocturnals). Sorry, but this song is pure sex to me! I love it because it inspires freedom for me…and kinda makes me wanna be a bad girl! (Isn't that what summer's for???) I'm obsessed with everything Grace Potter in general; she inspires me beyond measure. As a singer, a songwriter and a performer, she has done more to liberate me as a woman onstage than maybe any other female performer ever.

"It's Up to You Now" (The Black Keys). Delivering exactly what I love the most about them on this new album. The grimy beat, the hooky guitar line, the overall grime and grit… It's sweaty and dirty and perfectly hot summertime music!

"Wildfire" (John Mayer). First, let's just say it was a challenge not to make the ENTIRE playlist out of John Mayer songs!!! But when it comes to specifically "summer" songs, this one is definitely the most appropriate!

"Man Like That" (Gin Wigmore). You gotta have at least ONE vengeful, scorned-woman song in your arsenal. This one is mine.

"Latch (Acoustic)" (Sam Smith). I tried to resist the Sam Smith movement… But it's irresistible!

"Victory" (Janelle Monae). This has been my anthem for almost a year now, and I'm still not sick of it. Musically and lyrically it reminds me to stay grateful, even amidst difficulty, and to find the miracles in every situation. The victories! This whole album is really a masterpiece. I LOVE THIS CHICK!

"Poison and Wine" (The Civil Wars). Warm, poignant, complex in its pure simplicity… This song is an absolute work of art. Speaks straight to my gut.

"Old Folks" (Miles Davis). This one was just recently introduced to me by a friend, and it was love at first listen. It's hauntingly beautiful and reminds me of Sunday mornings and of my grandmother. She was a huge fan of Miles, and I always feel her close to me when I listen to him.

"The Unexpected" (Liv Warfield). Liv is a member of the NPG and also from Portland! I like how the song gives it to you hard and then backs off. It has its peaks and valleys, and I dig that game! Plus, this gal's voice is pretty insane…

"Run Like the River" (Vintage Trouble). This song moves!!! Makes me want to drive fast and conquer the world!! Again, so proud to include a friend on my playlist because I'm a fan. Ty Taylor is my hero.

"Moving Forward" (Israel Houghton). My inspirational song of choice. Never gets old. Brings me joy, brings me to tears, brings me back to my right mind, brings me back to my heart. It's like medicine for my soul for sure. Israel's voice moves me deeply. Aside from the lyric, the melody and the lead and choral vocals, the drums are really the star of this track for me.

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