PLAYBILL POLL: Readers Share Their Favorite Elaine Stritch Performances

Polls   PLAYBILL POLL: Readers Share Their Favorite Elaine Stritch Performances
In honor of Tony and Emmy Award-winning singing actress Elaine Stritch, asked readers to share their favorite performances by the late, celebrated and iconic artist.

Elaine Stritch
Elaine Stritch Photo by Joseph Marzullo/WENN

Cameron Noris: Joanne in Company!

Greg Morris: Her Joanne in Company is my favorite!

Landl Fermi: Joanne!

Robert Droge: Company!

M Sheileen Godwin: Joanne in Company.

Margaret Daisy Rose: “Here’s to the Ladies Who Lunch... Everybody laugh,” hands down her phenomenal performance as Joanne in Stephen Sondheim’s will forever be my favorite. #RIPStritchy

Riley Bartolomeo” Company! Joanne will never be the same.

John Pierson: Her performance of “The Ladies Who Lunch” from Company! It will never be matched.

Stephen Sondheim's Company opened on Broadway in 1970 and ran for 705 performances, closing in 1972. Stritch starred as Joanne, creating what would become her signature song, "The Ladies Who Lunch."

Brett Cheuvront: Elaine Stritch at Liberty

Christine Hughs: Elaine Stritch at Liberty. Just Stritch being herself. She was phenomenal.

Dina Trojan: Definitely Elaine Stritch at Liberty ... Just her being her!

Luke Powell: At Liberty. Especially “If Love Were All.” One fo the most raw and beautiful things I’ve ever heard.

Derek J Osgood: Elaine Stritch at Liberty. I was in the third row and loved every second of it.

Christopher Collette: I have to say Elaine Stritch: At Liberty. It's a glorious, sweeping retrospective of the American Theatre in one fell swoop. ‪#RIPStritchy‬

Lorrie Aubuchon: Elaine Stritch at Liberty. I adored every moment of it!

Jeffery Wines: At Liberty was the only live performance I was lucky enough to see.

Anne McNeff: At Liberty.

Elaine Stritch at Liberty opened on Broadway Feb. 21, 2002, and ran for 69 performances, closing on May 27. The production won the 2002 Special Theatrical Event Tony Award. Stritch also won the 2004 Primetime Emmy Award for Individual Performance in a Variety, Music or Comedy Special when the show was adapted for TV.

Check out this video of Stritch accepting her 2004 Primetime Emmy

John Lloyd Walters: I love all the aforementioned performances yet truly admire her walk-on "cameos" on shows like "Late Night" with David Letterman where her "character" thought he was the "Pool Boy" or a little remembered show called "Tattingers" where she stole the scene off-camera singing in the shower. Simply brilliant!

Tom Villella: Loved her as Joanne, but does anyone remember her as a crusty lawyer in early 1990s episodes of "Law and Order"? She was amazing!

Christine Stone: She did an episode of "The Cosby Show." Rudy & Bud's teacher & dance instructor. I just remembered that episode!

Mike Canestraro: Her "To Keep My Love Alive" on PBS "Musical Comedy Tonight III" was priceless. Many ladies have sung that classic, but no one tops Stritchy!

Ira Ratner: I read that she was the first person to play "The Honeymooners'" Trixie when it first appeared as a segment on Gleason's Calvacade of Stars.

Stritch has appeared on numerous hit TV series, including "The Cosby Show," "Law and Order" and "30 Rock." She was also a star on London television.

Check out her appearance on "The Late Show with David Letterman" in 1996.

Tyler Hayes: When I got to see her in the revival of A Little Night Music a show and night I'll never forget. Elaine is a legend!

Stritch replaced Angela Lansbury in 2010 in the Tony Award-winning revival of A Little Night Music

Here are some highlights from her performance.

Jean Lohrius: A Delicate Balance.

Michael Giorgio: I'll also say A Delicate Balance... She's known as a brassy musical comedy lady... But this showed she had serious chops as an actor... She shared the stage with Rosemary Harris and George Grizzard and just became both a focal point and a wonderful ensemble member... It was funny, extremely sad, raw, and essentially all of the elements that had her extend beyond an entertainer, but an artist...

Max Daniels: A Delicate Balance was amazing.

Stritch was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Actress in a Play for her performance in the revival of Edward Albee's A Delicate Balance.

Alex Ciesielski: "I'm Still Here" from the Stephen Sondheim Birthday Concert.

Krista Shafer: When she performed at the White House for President Obama. She sang "I'm Still Here" introducing it as a song that really shouldn't be performed by one younger than 80 and then quipped that she had decided to sing it early. She was a great talent.

Daniel Dempsy: "I'm Still Here" but the performance for President Obama and his family at the White House.

Alphonzo Alegrado: Her performance of "I'm Still Here" in "Sondheim! The Birthday Concert." It never fails to put a smile on my face. Especially her passion at the end. Priceless!

Check out this video of Stritch singing "I'm Still Here" at the White House.

Derek J Osgood: I love her in Follies in Concert

David Shipley: "The stage manager said 'Move the bag.' I thought he was talking about me." Follies In Concert ("Broadway Baby")

Here's a video of Stritch performing "Broadway Baby" from Follies in Concert.

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