Playbill Poll Results: Pick the Next Guest Star in Grease

News   Playbill Poll Results: Pick the Next Guest Star in Grease
The word is out that the next guest star up for a role in Grease is none other than recording artist, Sheena Easton. Yesiree, coming this September, Easton will don the leather jacket of Rizzo.

The word is out that the next guest star up for a role in Grease is none other than recording artist, Sheena Easton. Yesiree, coming this September, Easton will don the leather jacket of Rizzo.

There were some interesting choices in our "Pick the Next Grease Star Poll." While some called for Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta to reprise the roles that made them famous some odd years ago, Pop stars Cyndi Lauper and Paula Abdul received a majority of the kudos.

Thanks to all of you who participated, here are some of the best suggestions.

From: MCA
I think that Cyndi Lauper could do a really fabulous Rizzo- I think that
she'd put a lot of verve into it and play it as the NY Street Smart Girl. I
also wish, though, that Brooke Shields would return as Rizzo.

My name is Danny McNie and I think the next "star" that should be in Grease is Lea Salonga as Sandy!!

From: Dave Wiethop
Let's dig out Cyndi Lauper. Why not? She's got pink hair, she can sing
and could play Rizzo AND Frenchie. From: Jonathan
I would love to see Olivia Newton-John guest star in Grease. She made the movie a blockbuster, and it would be fun to see her in the Broadway version 20 years later in some role.

Since D. Boone is playing a teen, why not get Jerry Lewis and Carol
to play Sandy and Danny-give me a break!!!

From: Spirit15
I could either see Michelle Pfeiffer as Sandy or Rizzo because she looks both roles and has a stunning voice.

From: Amy Lambalzer
I think a good person to come into Grease next would be John Stamos in the role of Danny Zuko. I think this because he already has Broadway experience, in a more challenging role for him, in How To Succeed in Business as J.Pierrepont Finch. This role would be perfect for him because he has already played a lot of roles like this on television, he can sing and dance really good, he can draw crowds to a Broadway show and the way he looks is perfect for it. Over- all, I just think he would be perfect for it in every way.

From: "Pier, Brian"
1.) Ringo Starr as Teen Angel. Imagine how long the show could be extended! (Hey, the sets are more 60s than 50s too.)
2.) Miss Piggy as the School Teacher (from behind the Laugh-In doors!)
3.) Fran Drescher as Chi-Chi (if she can do another accent)
4.) Pamela Sue Anderson as Rizzo
Great casting its not! If the idea is to extend ticket sales, each would
accomplish this goal. After all, the current revival appears to be

I would LOVE to see Cyndi Lauper as Rizzo.

From: Devon
I just saw an ad in the newspaper that Sheena Easton will be playing Betty Rizzo for the next few months and it struck me that would be pretty cool. She should do well because she's got a better voice than the others who have done it already. I saw Rosie O'Donnell in the Broadway version and Debbie Gibson on the national tour. Both were pretty disappointing. Easton's voice is much stronger and richer, plus she's a good actress. At least she was very good on recent episodes of "The Outer Limits" on Showtime and the syndicated series "Highlander." Yeah, that would be cool. I'll probably go to see it again just to see her. Other than Easton, there isn't really anyone who strikes me as being good for the part. Brook Shields would not have been my choice either.

From: Marc Levenson
I think John Travolta should be the new celebrity in Grease because he has
the looks for the part of Danny Zuko. He played the role in the movie and
he has a great voice.

From X
What about Peter Paul and Mary as the Guardian Angel, They'd be a hoot. Why not some big music names of today? They already cast Jody Whatley and John Secada. Why not TLC, Fugees, Whitney, Allanis. If they really wanna draw tickets why don't they have another star from another show currently on Broadway do one special night. If it is someone they like, they'll pay to see them. Have Julie Andrews play the teacher, have Judd Hirsch play the D.J.! Have Nathan Lane play Danny. Sarah Jessica Parker would also make an adorable Sandy! If only they would put "Hopelessly Devoted to You" in the current show!!

From: EL
I would pick RuPaul as Rizzo. She's so funny and she can SING! Anyone remember "You better work"? She would be the best Rizzo ever!

From Chris;
I would love to see John Travolta and Olivia Newton John reprise the roles that they played so brilliantly in the movie version. While we're at it, lets also get Stockard Channing in to play Rizzo.

From: Justin Mendoza
I'm thinking Vanessa Williams, probably for the role of Rizzo. She has the looks and voice, and has already proven herself as a Broadway actress/singer/dancer in both KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN and BYE BYE BIRDIE. Other suggestions include Michael Damian, Donny Osmond, or Sam Harris for the role of Danny Zuko. Performing the role of Joseph qualifies

From: Erik Mack:
After seeing Rosie O'Donnell as Rizzo, I can't really think of anyone I'd rather want to see. But here are a few possibilities. I know this is not original, but why not Frankie Avalon as Teen Angel? Add Annette Funicello as Miss Lynch and it would be perfect. Other casting ideas are Paula Abdul as Cha Cha Digregorio, a small yet great role for her. Paula might make a wonderful Rizzo (I accidentally mistook Susan Moniz for Paula). Maybe a bit far-fetched, but how about casting Roseanne as Rizzo? I know, very Rosie O'Donnell, but, hey, it could work. Another casting choice is the legendary voice of Rick Dees as Vince Fontaine. Another great Vince Fontaine would be Jim Carey (won't happen). Dean Cain could pull off Danny Zuko. Not a big name, but Susan Egan as Sandy???? Just a few possibilities!

From: KrisECM
I have been wanting to see ex-pop star Paula Abdul in Grease as Cha Cha DeGregorio. When I saw Susan Munez(?) as Rizzo, I mistook her for Paula and have since wanted to see her in the show.

From: DevonTutak
As much as I like the show Grease, I'd have to say that if it has to rely on a famous celebrity to remain on Broadway, it doesn't have anything else supporting the show. Any show on Broadway should rely on the whole cast and crew, not just one person. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum is drawing a crowd mainly due to Nathan Lane, but the cast stands out as well. You never hear about any other member of the Grease cast except the special guest star. Why not give the people who have trained their whole lives for a role on the stage a chance instead of just handing them over to people who are famous already.

From: John Given
I think they should try to get Brent Spiner to play Vince Fontaine. He'd probably be terrible in the role, but he would certainly draw people in, both those anxious to see him on stage again and those who only know him from Star Trek:The Next Generation. I'm sure it would be great to see him do the Hand Jive, especially if he threw in a little stiff necked Data impersonation.

From: RS
BOWSER from SHA NA NA as Vince Fontaine!!!!!!

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