Playbill Poll: What is Your Favorite Song by Andrew Lloyd Webber? Readers Respond

Special Features   Playbill Poll: What is Your Favorite Song by Andrew Lloyd Webber? Readers Respond
Last week, correspondent Ben Rimalower shared his top ten list of songs by Andrew Lloyd Webber, the composer of Evita, The Phantom of the Opera and Cats.

Andrew Lloyd Webber
Andrew Lloyd Webber Photo by Aubrey Reuben

Read his picks here.

* polled our readers via Facebook and Twitter asking them to share their favorite Lloyd Webber tunes and tell us why they made their list.

Billy Dixon: "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again," every single person thinks of someone that has enriched there life at some point that is no longer here. Hits home and so moving to get lost in thought like that.
Tom Quicksell: How do you pick one? But I'll go with "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again." Anyone who has lost a loved one is touched by this song.
Garrett Canna: "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" is one of the few ALW songs that works dramatically. A great character-based aria/soliloquy.

JohnMichael Schott: "Tell Me On a Sunday." If only every breakup could happen this way...
Sascha Thomas Jarrard: "Tell Me On a Sunday."
Phill Greenland: "Tell Me On a Sunday," (despite the chimpanzees lyric).

Lexie Quandt: "Music of the Night" from Phantom of the Opera. Webber's music for this song captures every lingering and swelling emotion of the Phantom's character. It is brilliant! The feeling is encompassed in each and every note of the song...
Diana Puertas: "Music of The Night." I was OBSESSED with that song and it was the first musical theatre song I heard.
Jackie Townsend: "Music of the Night"... most haunting and soothing of melodies in one masterpiece.

Alex Larson: Cheesy as it sounds...probably "Close Every Door."
Elizabeth Christine Klyczek: "Close Every Door."

Bonny Loo: "Unexpected Song."
Tarryn Steyn: "Unexpected Song"...actually the entire Song & Dance score.
Curtis M. Wong: It's gotta be "Unexpected Song" from Song & Dance.

Trevor Hicks: "With One Look" from Sunset Boulevard sung by Patti LuPone.
Micheal F. Anders: "With One Look" from Sunset Boulevard.
Jim Coleman: "With One Look" and "Love Never Dies"...soaring melodies combined with the lyrics bring chills down my spine every time I hear them.

Clown-Baby Roselli: "Heaven On Their Minds."

KyleThomas: "Heaven On Their Minds." It's complex, mysterious, and driving, just like Judas.

Heather Schulze Sciacca: "Love Changes Everything" from Aspects of Love! That show was hugely influential on me as a kid. Gave me my love of musicals.
Tristan Robin Blakeman: "Love Changes Everything" - it was played at my wedding.
Peter Mins: "Love Changes Everything" because the lyrics r right on!!
Kristen Nasternak: "Love Changes Everything." It was originally sung by my fav musical performer Michael Ball and the words are just beautiful!
seize the light: "Love Changes Everything," because it reminds me of being 14 and falling headfirst in love with ALW's entire catalogue.

Benjamin Shaffer: "Rainbow High" from Evita.
Sydney Faith Summers: "Rainbow High," just because of Eva's determination.

Christina Ralph: My favourite is "As If We Never Said Goodbye" from Sunset Boulevard, because I enjoyed acting and singing as a kid, then had to walk away from it for 15 years, and when I came back, this song completely fit my life. Every time I listen to it, I can't help getting a little teary-eyed. It's such a beautiful song!
Kevin Gratton: "As If We Never Said Goodbye" from Sunset Boulevard.

Sara Denby: "Gethsemane". Brings me to tears whenever I hear it done well.
Robert Mañuva: "Gethsemane" from Jesus Christ Superstar. This song dissected and sealed the human side of the character.
Chris Baldock: "Gethsemane" and Pilate's Dream from Superstar plus the opening music. Just brilliant and powerful. Back when he was subtle and evocative.
Jarvis Emery: "Gethsemane." People in my opinion has this image of Jesus of being more than a man, who was meek and mild, who just did what he had to do. Gethsemane to me shows that he had question, he could fear, and more importantly above all other things he was just a man.

David Brown: "Mungojerry & Rumpleteaser."
Bonnie Bakewell: "Mongojerry & Rumpleteaser" from Cats thats my most favorite but pretty much any song from Cats will do.

diedieb: "Another Suitcase in Another Hall" really captures failure of relationships heart breaking.
Carolyn Pizzato: "Another Suitcase" from Evita. Very beautiful and searching....

Benita Yeung: "Till I Hear You Sing." The whole arrangement is captivating.
Fletcher HC: "Till I Hear You Sing" - the score, the arrangement and the lyrics....hauntingly beautiful, you can feel the Phantom's longing for Christine.

Gaspar Marino: "Memory" from Cats.
Meredith Mata: "Memory."

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