PLAYBILL POLL: Who Is Your Favorite Disney Musical Villain?

Polls   PLAYBILL POLL: Who Is Your Favorite Disney Musical Villain?
With the arrival of the new Disney musical Aladdin, thought it was a good time to revisit our list of favorite Disney villains from Jafar to Scar to Gaston. We then wondered which Disney villains our readers most love to hate. polled our readers via Facebook and Twitter. Their responses follow:

Rachel Dearman: Jafar! He's wickedly witty, and while he uses his snake staff to get what he wants, he could have easly used his charm to woo his way up the ladder.

Luke Powell: Jafar. He's so cunning... Could Mr. Freeman get his Tony for this one?

John Fortunato: Afar.

Austin Kulyk: Jafar has always been my favorite Disney Villain because I love his sense of style. And his staff. His staff is cool too.

"Aladdin," Disney's 31st animated feature, was released in 1992. Since that time there have been two sequels, an animated series and a Broadway production that officially opens March 20 at the New Amsterdam Theatre. Adam Jacobs and Courtney Reed co-star as charming street rat Aladdin and misunderstood princess Jasmine, respectively.

Jonathan Freeman (right) and Don Darryl Rivera
photo by Deen Van Meer
Sherie Rene Scott
Photo by Joan Marcus

Brett Gever: Ursula because she is warm and toasty.

Jono Mammel: Ursula is without a doubt the best, not only song-wise, but in terms of how she has everything under control (until Ariel messes everything up). But Frollo has to be my favorite, and here's why: He truly believes that what he's doing is right. He doesn't see himself as evil, but as a man doing what must be done, and that is the ultimate villainy to me!

Skylar Phillips: Ursula is my spirit animal. If I could manipulate beautiful mermaids into giving me their voices, I would too! Poor Unfortunate Souls is my favorite song in all of Disney song history. Also, Sherie Rene Scott.

Juan Carlos Garza Segovia : Ursula!! Because was portrayed by Sherie Renee Scott!! She was funny and scary and she's amazing!!

Andrew Parks: Ursula: completely unabashed in her villainy! And perhaps the best song of them all!

Jacob Wallace: Ursula! She's the best by far.

Shannon Sigafoos: Ursula! Saw Liz McCartney play her in Paper Mill Playhouse's Little Mermaid last year and she stole the show!

Janet Moskowitz: Ursula, she scared the life out of me at the Lunt.

Jon Rybka-Wachhaus: Ursula all the way! She is sassy and fabulous. She has all the best lines and some of the best songs too!

Kathryn Olivia Chinetti: Ursula, easy. She has motives, spends time planning, she's interesting active and manipulative. She has a kickass song to cap it all off, and there is never one moment where you aren't drawn to her presence on screen or stage.

Disney’s "The Little Mermaid," based on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson, was the 28th film in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series. The film’s success spawned two sequels, an animated series and the 2007 Broadway musical version, which cast Tony nominee Sherie Rene Scott as the evil Ursula. 


Emily Pichardo: Hades! Who can resist a sarcastic hothead? (Literally, his head is on fire)

Emily DeRoo: Hades!!! He's so sassy I love it!

Jessica Ariel Cieply: Hades. I love his car dealer attitude about everything and he's hilarious.

Annie Kathryn Zanchelli: Hmmm....I would go with Hades! He is so funny, but cruel! He got what he deserved!

"Hercules" was released in 1997 and featured the voices of Broadway stars Lillias White, LaChanze, Roger Bart and Susan Egan. Featuring a gospel-inspired score, the film spawned a musical stage version called Hercules: The Muse-ical that is performed on the Disney Cruise Lines.


Matthew Lucas: Frollo from "The Hunchback of Notre Dame!" He's the most real and three dimensional villain Disney has ever given us. And "Hellfire" is just a breathtaking song.

Julianna Christine Ramos: FROLLO HANDS DOWN.

Kelseigh Anne Ingram: Frollo from the Hunchback of Notre Dame or Mother Gothel from Tangled. They display real evil by being manipulative and emotionally abusive.

Hunter K. Taylor: Even though The Hunchback of Notre Dame hasn't hit Broadway yet, Judge Claude Frollo is my favorite Disney Musical villain. He is so dark, and there is such an internal struggle between himself, and his religion he's trying to "protect" by his actions. There are just so many levels! Also, "Hellfire" is a KILLER song, for anyone!

Alex Rosenberg: It has to be Frollo from Hunchback. He believes what he's doing is just (which is worse than just being evil for the sake of being evil) and must be done. Also, Hellfire may be the best villain song ever. Based on Victor Hugo’s novel of the same name, "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" was released in 1996 and was Disney’s 34th film in the Walt Disney Animated Classics Series. La Jolla Playhouse's 2014-15 season will include the U.S. premiere of the stage version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, which features a score by Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz. The co-production will also play New Jersey's Paper Mill Playhouse.

Adam Leibowitz: Cruella De Vil because she's psychotic and very driven and I'm a dog lover.

Kelly Connolly Burrows: Cruella DeVille! She is glamorous and rude and crazy with killer fashion sense lol. She is a different kind of sadistic going after innocent puppies.

Disney’s "One Hundred and One Dalmatians" was released in 1961 and is based on the Dodie Smith novel of the same name. A stage musical version, entitled The 101 Dalmatians Musical, does not use musical elements from the Walt Disney versions of the story. Its creative team was led by Tony Award-winning director Jerry Zaks, bookwriter and co-lyricist BT McNicholl and composer and co-lyricist Dennis DeYoung.


Diana Puertas: Malificent. Completely terrified the crap out of me as a kid.

Elizabeth A Breakey: Without a doubt, no other character has ever touched Maleficent. Between Eleanor Audley's voice bringing the perfect blend of evil and sexy, and haunting animations - she takes the cake.

Gigi Potter: Maleficent.

"Sleeping Beauty" was released in 1959 and was the 16th film in the Disney Animated Classics series. The music was adapted from the Tchaikovsky ballet of the same name. Disney will release a film about the evil witch Mailficent, starring Angelina Jolie in the title role, in May.

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