Playbill Poll: Your Tony Party Plans

Tony Awards   Playbill Poll: Your Tony Party Plans
The Tony Awards will be presented June 1, and, in an annual ritual reminiscent of Oscar or Super Bowl revelry, theatre fans everywhere are planning Tony night parties.

The Tony Awards will be presented June 1, and, in an annual ritual reminiscent of Oscar or Super Bowl revelry, theatre fans everywhere are planning Tony night parties.

Some people dress up in character; some make theatre-themed food; some just have shoes handy to throw at the TV set. As a means of inspiring your fellow Playbill On-Line readers, please share your stories of memorable Tony parties past, and your plans for this year's Tony party. (Extra points for stories that include Playbill On-Line's Tony night coverage!)

Send your party plans to Playbill On-Line's Managing Editor Robert Viagas at Please include your town and state, and please note whether you'd like us to include your full e-mail address so you can receive responses. This is optional, of course. Here are the results so far. Playbill On-Line thanks those who took the time to write:

From JaneanJ (
Spokane, Washington is combining live award winning theater with the Tony broadcast! Right before the watching of the Tonys (tape-delayed here on the West Coast, I'm afraid), we're watching a performance of "Mama Drama," awarded the best in the community theater region of Oregon, Alaska, and Washington, and headed to national competition in Michigan in June. After the performance, out comes the big-screen TV, food, and no-host bar. It's at the Met theater in Downtown Spokane, and it's only $5 to watch the Mama Drama performance! If you can't get tickets to Radio City Music Hall, come on over to the Met -- it's worth the drive!

From Steve Schroeder ( or
As we lovingly call it, my "Theatre Freaks Tony Awards Party" has become a tradition with a group of us here in the western Chicago suburbs. Every Summer (usually in late July or early August), we make our annual pilgrimage to the Holy Land (Broadway, of course!) as part of a theatre appreciation course offered by the College of DuPage, a local community college. You can bet that on "Tony Sunday," a group of about 15 of us will sit in my furnished basement, surrounded by my ever-growing collection of framed Broadway window cards (which currently numbers 66--hey, I said we were theatre freaks!), watching and waiting to see if the four shows which were chosen for the class to see and for which we have ALREADY bought tickets end up with the awards. We predicted well last year with our advanced purchases of tickets for RENT, A DELICATE BALANCE, THE KING & I, and MASTER CLASS. This year is much more of a gamble, but hey, if I tie last year's record of seeing nine Broadway shows in six days (did I mention the fact that we are theatre freaks?), we should get to see both the sure bets and the surprises. Here's wishing theatre freaks everywhere fun and festivity this Tony Sunday!

From Cosmik:
Well, first you have to understand that Tony Sunday is a High Holy Day (one of two) in my house. I've planned jobs, rehearsals, vacations and more around being home for this date. =:@}
That being said, actual plans are surprisingly vague. All I (or anyone who knows me) knows is that if it's Tony Sunday, I'm going to be home watching them on the TV (even bought a new TV this year just for the occasion!) and that there'll be some chips and veggie dip or other light nosh. One year we ordered out fajitas, one year it was pizza, this year I was thinking light salads or maybe Chinese.
The most fun, of course, is to see who just shows up, knowing that there *will* be a party here. =:@}

From Michael Conklin ( Philadelphia, PA:
Since I was a child, I have spent "Tony" night glued to the television set rooting on my favorites. (I was fortunate enough to grow up outside New York and actually got to attend Broadway shows as a kid -- thanks Mom & Dad!).
This year, I get to live out a boyhood dream an actually attend the ceremonies at Radio City Music Hall. My partner and I will start the evening with an early dinner at a favorite restaurant, then head over to Radio City to root for our personal favorites (go Sam! go Daniel! go Lilias!) and enjoy the commentary from the kindred spirit of Broadway, Rosie O'Donnell.
Of course, I'm sitting in the 2nd Mezzanine, so I don't expect to actually SEE too much (that's why I'll record the ceremonies to watch later). Just being in the Music Hall with the kinetic energy of the great theater community will make up for the lack of great seats! I can't wait!

Attending a benefit in Los Angeles for the Actors Fund and Aid For AIDS. Julie Harris will be there with us, and Rita Moreno will be hosting. We will have a live feed of both the CBS and PBS broadcasts.

From EEML99:
I'm going to the Tonys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That'll be my party!

From Waterloo:
The Seneca Community Players of Seneca Falls, NY, are getting together at a neighborhood grill to cheer on one of our own. Best Actor in a Musical Nominee, Daniel McDonald, is one of ours. . .so there we will be, ensconced before a large-screen set, rooting for Dan. The new folks don't remember him, but I sure do. I was on stage with Dan and his talented brother, Casey, in a local production of "Bell, Book and Candle." It was a smash...and I was suitably impressed with both McDonalds.

From SteelPier:
As I have a small group going to the Tonys we are planning a light dinner at Rainbow & Stars. Our group consists of 2 actors and a talent agent (plus me). We plan a truly formal evening fitting the festivities--with an eye towards fun. Later we plan to go to a Cabaret like 88s in the Village. Showtunes all night! We will have a mini-contest with a prize for the best and worst predictions. Worst predictions prize? Hmmm tickets to a really bad show....And you have to sit through it!

From Jeff Pugel, Brooklyn, NY:
The key difference this year of course is that four friends and I are going to the Tony's at Radio City instead of watching them on TV in a living room. Need I say any more?

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