PLAYBILL QUIZ: Tony Has Oscar Ties, Challenge Your Awards Knowledge!

Tony Awards   PLAYBILL QUIZ: Tony Has Oscar Ties, Challenge Your Awards Knowledge!
Tony voters and Oscar voters are of two minds and two worlds, but sometimes these overlap. Here’s a quiz that mixes award-winning shows with award-winning cinema. How many can you answer?

Our readers know their Broadway trivia like nobody else, but when we turn the lens on the intersection of Broadway and Hollywood, does your knowledge hold up? Take a shot at these 25 questions and see where you fall. We'll publish the answers June 4. Check back to see how you did!

1. Who won 18 Oscar nominations (more than any other performer) and only one Tony nomination?

2. Who won 10 Tony nominations (more than any other performer) and only one Oscar nomination?

3. Who has lost the Tony for Funny Girl—but got the Oscar for it AND won the role that had defeated her for the Tony?

4. For Butterflies Are Free, who lost the Best Featured Actress Tony to her Broadway co-star but won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for the movie version?

5. What two Tony-winning Best Plays won the Best Picture Oscar? (Their titles begin with the same three letters.)

6. What two Tony-winning Best Musicals won the Best Picture Oscar? (They did it back-to-back, too.)

7. What year did the Tony-winning Best Musical and the Oscar-winning Best Picture have the same title and tell the same story?

8. Who won Tonys for roles that won Oscars for Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor?

9. What two-time Tony winner originated roles that won Oscars for Rita Moreno and Catherine Zeta-Jones?

10. The Broadway revival of what Tony-winning show features an Oscar-winning song that was written in-between for its movie version?

11. What Best Actor and Best Actress won Oscars in 1931-32 AND Tonys in 1947?

12. What two Gone With the Wind players—both Oscar winners in 1939—won Tonys for musicals?

13. Who won a Tony for the musicalization of her Oscar-winning performance?

14. Who won a Tony for the musicalization of her Oscar-nominated performance?

15. Who lost the Oscar to Audrey Hepburn three days after she lost to Tony to her?

16. Who had both of her Tony-winning roles played on the screen by Deborah Kerr?

17. From 1948 to 1956, who is the only Best Actress Oscar winner to win her Oscar for a non-stage role?

18. Other than the Oscar nomination, what else was singularly unique about the women contending for Best Actress of 1956?

19. What title player won a Tony as Joan of Lorraine and an Oscar nomination as "Joan of Arc?"

20. What two-time Tony winner has parents who received Oscars? (How-sweet-it-is postscript: She won her Oscar for a role she lost on Broadway.)

21. Who won a Tony AND an Oscar for a character who only existed in song sequences?

22. South Pacific is the only show to win Tonys in all four acting categories, yet only one of those performances was repeated on screen. Whose?

23. Who won the 1952 Best Featured Actor in a Musical Tony AND the 1956 Best Actor Oscar--for the same performance?

24. What two actors—one starring, one supporting--won their Tonys and their Oscars on the same nights?

25. Who won a Tony in 1965 playing a guy named Oscar and had a co-star in 1969 win an Oscar for playing a girl named Toni?

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