PLAYBILL.COM'S CUE & A: Christian Camargo

Cue and A   PLAYBILL.COM'S CUE & A: Christian Camargo
Christian Camargo — featured in the Broadway revival of All My Sons — fills out's questionnaire with random facts, backstage trivia and pop culture tidbits.
Christian Carmago
Christian Carmago

Full given name: Christian Camargo (aka Minnick)
Hometown: Katonah, NY
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Special skills: Fixing old tractors and flea market finds
First Broadway show ever saw: Nefertiti (the babysitter didn't show, so Mom brought me to work)
If you could go back in time and catch any Broadway show, what would it be? A Streetcar Named Desire, wouldn't you?
Favorite show tune: "Come up and comb my Katie's hair." Sung by Lord Lithgow in All My Sons.
Most played song on your iPod: "Oh What a Beautiful Morning" sung by Patrick Wilson on David Letterman's "Late Show."
One CD you couldn't live without: "Songs That Dylan Loved"
Last book you read: "Out Stealing Horses" by Per Petterson
Must-see TV show: "CBS Sunday Morning" Caution: contains relevant news with doses of inspiration and hope.
Last good movie you saw: "Dog Day Afternoon." John Cazale is genius.
Favorite board game: Scrabulous, R.I.P.
Performer you would drop everything to go see: Mark Rylance. I stalk him on a regular basis.
Pop culture guilty pleasure: Yearning for Jordan Gelber's new iPhone but not sure I want what's on it.
First stage kiss: Christopher Durang's A History of the American Film. Then I got mono.
Favorite post-show meal: Angus McIndoe (I think Angus might be faking his accent, though).
How you got your Equity card: Shakespeare in the Park, Henry V.
Worst onstage mishap: Juilliard 1996: I got hit with food poisoning as a spear-carrier and ran through the audience and out the doors then home in the snow dressed as a Roman sentry. They never found the spear.
Worst costume ever: No costume. Kit Marlowe at the Public. Swinging nude in front of my grandmother's church group was interesting.
Cats or dogs? Rescued dogs.
Favorite cereal: Anything Kashi.
Who would play you in the movie? Katie Holmes
Worst job you ever had: Driving the short bus.
TV or commercial gig you most enjoyed: "K-19."
Leading man role you've been dying to play: Chet Baker. I'm learning the horn, just in case someone writes something. So hurry up someone.
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