PLAYBILL.COM'S CUE & A: Harriet Harris

News   PLAYBILL.COM'S CUE & A: Harriet Harris
Harriet Harris — star of Broadway's current revival of Old Acquaintance — fills out's questionnaire with random facts, backstage trivia and pop culture tidbits.
Harriet Harris
Harriet Harris

What has been your favorite TV role?: Bebe on "Frasier." Hands down.
Full given name: Princess Rosebud
Hometown: Ft. Worth, Texas
Audition song: "Sixteen Tons." This would be a lesson in what to avoid. If I didn't audition, I'd work more.
Special skills: None. This is getting depressing.
First Broadway show ever saw: Equus
If you could go back in time and catch any Broadway show, what would it be? Laurette Taylor in The Glass Menagerie
Favorite showtune: "Send in the Clowns." A friend of mine was playing in a piano bar in Texas and someone requested "Sand in the Clouds." That sums it up.
MAC or PC? Mac. It is a travesty. It's so full of potential. It sits there and mocks me. I can barely type.
Most played song on your iPod: I don't like my iPod.
One CD you couldn't live without: My birds or I would have met with some mischief were it not "For The Love of Ella." It's a lifesaver!!!
Last book you read: "Nickel and Dimed" by Barbara Ehrenreich. I read it as an escape from Old Acquaintance. I was feeling rather obsessed with the play and needed a reality check. Yikes! Now, I'm reading "Delirium" by Laura Restrepo.
Must-see TV show: I recently saw "The Comeback" and "Dexter" on DVD. Both funny and scary. I have [also] been watching my friend Bill Paxton's show, "Big Love." Really fun.
Last good movie you saw: "The Lives of Others." But, come on it's summer, I saw "Spiderman III."
Favorite board/card game: Chinese Checkers. I like everything about it.
Performer you would drop everything to go see: Michael Gambon
Pop culture guilty pleasure: Frappuccino
First stage kiss: Romeo and Juliet in my first year at Juilliard. A week before my classmate/Romeo had said my knees resembled Mao Tse Tung's face. And so, at 18, began my career as a character actress.
How you got your Equity card: I got a job with the Acting Company. It is a wonderful organization run by my dear friend Margot Harley. I spent three very valuable years performing every night in a touring repertory company. We worked with great directors and designers. I don't think any of us knew how lucky we were.
Who have you played on "Law & Order"? A rather sweet Irish bar maid and years later a not so cute FDA agent.
Worst costume ever: I have been very lucky with costumes. Though, I've worn some plug ugly wigs. David Woolard and Paul Huntley have done me many favors in Old Acquaintance. The costumes and wig are perfection.
Cats or dogs? Since I have three parrots, I would have to say a Furby.
Who would play you in the movie? Now, isn't that a sad commentary. I don't know...Dakota Fanning?
Worst job you ever had: Selling tickets at the now defunct Embassy Theater. Cash, coupons, and a turnstile. When the till was short, I had to make up the difference. A nightmare, a hellish nightmare.
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