Playwright Baitz Leaves ABC's "Brothers & Sisters"; At Work on Play in NYC

News   Playwright Baitz Leaves ABC's "Brothers & Sisters"; At Work on Play in NYC
Playwright Jon Robin Baitz has been "ousted" from his ABC television series "Brothers & Sisters," the scribe revealed Jan. 2 in his blog on The Huffington Post.

"I have left the show I created, 'Brothers & Sisters,' from which I was ousted, not fired, an important distinction," said Baitz in a post titled "Leaving Los Angeles (Part Two: Love)." (The original "Leaving Los Angeles (Part One: Work)" alluded to his departure from the series and detailed his troubles with "the studios.")

He continues: "I am still one of the executive producers of 'B&S,' still enjoy friendly relations with the entire writing staff, and entire cast, still read scripts avidly, and I hope to be asked to write an occasional special, 'it's time for a weird Robbie episode' episode (like 'Mistakes Were Made,' which was co-written with my friend Craig Wright, another playwright who left for his own show, 'Dirty Sexy Money')."

The playwright, who has returned to New York City, noted, "I feel stronger and more settled here in Brooklyn, finishing a new play, I actually am somewhat calm, knowing I will do more TV (I owe ABC two pilots, which shall be writ and executed more my way than theirs should there be interest in doing them at all)."

Baitz is referring to his two-year deal with ABC Studios, which Variety had reported in October 2007. The contract would keep Baitz on as executive producer of "Brothers & Sisters" and support the development of projects for the studio through 2009.

Baitz created "Brothers & Sisters," which stars stage veterans Calista Flockhart, Sally Field, Ron Rifkin, Patricia Wettig and Rob Lowe as well as Rachel Griffiths, Balthazar Getty, Dave Annable, Matthew Rhys, Sarah Jane Morris, Emily VanCamp and Kerris Lilla Dorsey. The one-hour drama series, which returns Jan. 13, airs Sundays at 10 PM (ET). Baitz's plays include The Paris Letter, Ten Unknowns, Mizlansky/Zilinsky or Schmucks, A Fair Country, The Film Society, The Substance of Fire, The End of the Day and Three Hotels. He has also written the screenplays for "The Substance of Fire" and "People I Know" as well as for TV's "The West Wing" and "Alias."

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