President of St. Paul's Ordway Center Resigns

Classic Arts News   President of St. Paul's Ordway Center Resigns
David Galligan has stepped down as president and CEO of the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts in St. Paul.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports that he submitted his resignation on June 26 and will leave tomorrow. He told the paper, "The things I wanted to accomplish at the Ordway, I have accomplished. The systems and people and community support are in place and I now have the luxury of the next chapter in my life."

The Ordway Center is the main venue for the Minnesota Opera, the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and the Schubert Club, the Twin Cities' largest presenter of touring classical artists; the center also hosts touring Broadway shows.

Galligan, who was appointed in 2002, leaves the center in a fiscally secure position. He balanced the budget and raised annual contributions by 65 percent and the endowment by $4 million, according to the Star-Tribune.

Some thought less of his artistic abilities, however. "He was an excellent fiscal manager, but he was not someone who knew his way too well around the artistic side of the theater," Roxanne Givens Copeland, a former board chair, told the paper.

During his tenure Galligan also helped launch the St. Paul Conservatory for the Arts, a charter high school, and established a task force to smooth strained relationships with Ordway tenants.

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