Puffs Offers Playful "Harry Potter" Parody

News   Puffs Offers Playful "Harry Potter" Parody
New York's Peoples Improv Theatre is giving "Harry Potter" fans the chance to laugh with Puffs, a show billed as a "loving parody" of the world-famous series. The comedy follows the lives of the wizard classmates who, unlike Harry and his friends, weren't in the limelight.

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"Some people are born to change the world. Some people are born with the capacity to do great things. Some people are born to rise from humble beginnings to beat back the forces of darkness in the face of insurmountable odds," state show notes. "[Puffs] is the story of the people who sit in class next to those people." From the creative team and playwright behind Kapow-i GoGo, the PIT presents Puffs, or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic through March 31.

The play is written by Matt Cox, directed by Kristin McCarthy Parker and produced by Stephen Stout and Colin Waitt. The cast features Langston Belton, Madeleine Bundy, Jessie Cannizzaro, Nick Carillo, AJ Ditty, Julie Ann Earls, Evan Maltby, Andy Miller, Zac Moon, Ellie Philips and Stephen Stout.

Tickets are $20. To purchase and for more information, visit thepit-nyc.com.

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