Quotes of the Month: Inside the Pages of Playbill Magazine

Inside Track   Quotes of the Month: Inside the Pages of Playbill Magazine
neil simon

Neil Simon on how first wife Joan inspired 1963's Barefoot in the Park:
"We walked barefoot in the park [Washington Square Park]—actually, I wouldn’t, but she did. It was a summer night and she took off her shoes and said, ‘Why aren’t you taking off your shoes?’ She said, ‘There’s something wrong with you. You’re afraid to walk barefoot in the park.’ I thought, ‘Bingo! Play title!’"



Martin McDonagh

Martin McDonagh on Christopher Walken in A Behanding in Spokane:
“Chris changes stuff without my help—but in a good way. His line readings and choices are sometimes outlandish, but you don’t want to corral him. But I am going to put back a couple of those pauses and a couple of the question marks.”



dame-ednaBarry Humphries on cleaning up after Dame Edna's public war-of-words with All ABout Me co-star Michael Feinstein:
"It was very, very embarrassing. Edna really lost it and it was upsetting because Michael Feinstein is quite a sensitive man and Edna was treating him as though he was just some ordinary old piano player. There is another side to this woman that her public does not know about."



Jackie Hoffman on working with kids in The Addams Family:
“If I have to do a show with kids, at least it’s kids who torture each other.”



Michael Urie on the role of Rudi Gernreich in The Temperamentals:
"As a supporting actor, I rarely get to play parts with such amazing arcs. I think he [Gernreich] is the leading lady, actually—but he changes so much from the beginning to the end, and getting to do that is a dream job for an actor."



Hugh Dancy on The Pride, A peek inside the diary of The Miracle Worker's Abigail Breslin, and Twyla Tharp on Old Blue Eyes.

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