Reality TV Victim Stars in Fringe's Bridezilla Strikes Back!

News   Reality TV Victim Stars in Fringe's Bridezilla Strikes Back!
When Manhattan actress Cynthia Silver signed on to be one of the subjects of September Films' "Manhattan Brides" a few years ago, she thought she'd be taking part in a professional documentary tracking the lives of a few couples as they prepared for their day at the altar. What she became instead was one of the "Bridezillas" poked fun at in the 2003 Fox reality program of that name.

Silver, a respected downtown actress who has also helped run the Atlantic Theatre Company's acting school for many years, lashes back as those who put her through small screen hell in Bridezilla Stikes Back!, a comic solo show that will play the Flea Theatre as part of the New York International Fringe Festival.

The piece, written by Silver and Kenny Finkle, is directed by Silver's Atlantic colleague Paul Urcioli.

According to, when Silver—whose stage credits include Off-Broadway productions of Warren Leight's The Loop, Eric Bogosian's Scenes from The New World and Richard Nelson's Jitterbugging—heard about the show, she sold herself to the producers by saying: "I'm perfect for your show. I'm the downtown bride, the antithesis to the Plaza Hotel bride. I'm artsy, I'm cutting edge, I'm chic, I'm a theatre actress running the production department of an off-Broadway acting school ... You need me." She convinced her future husband to participate by emphasizing that the project would be more documentary than reality show.

What happened next was "the producers sold all of the footage to the Fox network, which then compiled an hourlong special called 'Bridezilla,' " Silver told Back Stage, "consisting of the moments when each bride lost it emotionally. And we all did, at one point or another. We were all depicted very negatively, although compared to the others, I was the comic relief. But this is not what I had signed up for."

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