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Film & TV Features Recapping Smash 1.13: "I'm in Tech." The gang travels to Boston, leaving behind their real lives but, in Ivy Lynn's case, perhaps bringing a framed photo of Bernadette Peters in Follies?
Should we start saying "tech" instead of "quarantine"? NBC

As Tom sings "Another Op'nin, Another Show" (a song title I will never remember how to "spell" correctly), the Bombshell gang all make their way to Boston and their first theatre. Today they'd definitely use the restored Colonial Theatre, but back in 2012 the St. George stood in for the fictional Wilder Theatre.

While Ivy Lynn solves Derek's staging problems and is rewarded with "I love you," Karen is fielding calls from a needy Dev who wants to see her and doesn't understand why she doesn't have time for her, and Tom suggests that Derek add a new song for Ivy Lynn and Karen... in the middle of tech. And on top of that, Tony Yazbeck books a pilot and runs out of the show. So Derek calmly rehires Michael Swift, tells Tom that he already knows about Michael and Julia, he just minds his own business, and stalks away.

As Rebecca Duvall and Karen chat in her dressing room, I couldn't help but wonder... What was Karen's reaction to losing her song last episode? Guess she's fine with it! Much like Julia is pretty calm about Michael Swift getting rehired. Oh no, wait, she's not fine because Tom couldn't be an adult and tell her. People really hate being upfront on this show. That includes letting their leading lady, the ostensible reason they have a show, know that her leading man has fled for a pilot until they're about to start tech.

After a pep talk, Rebecca Duvall is ready to go one, while Karen wonders why Dev is the love of her life and she doesn't want to see him. Maybe because he's drinking bourbon with the New York Times reporter he has been flirting with all season and kissing her?

In New York City, Eileen tells Julia Michael Swift is coming back, and like a true adult, Julia takes it well. Or wait. It's Smash, so she doesn't. Much like when, in tech, Tom blackmails Derek into adding a song for Karen and Ivy Lynn. Professionalism at its finest! Like when Eilee tells Julia she has millions on the line with the show, and Julia is like, "DON'T hire my ex again!" So she says she's quitting if he joins. (Later, Frank and Leo find her in bed eating a banana with a jar of peanut butter and a knife, and convince her to honor her work commitments. So this was all moot.)

It's Derek's birthday and Ivy Lynn is jealous of Rebecca Duvall. It took this long? And Dev is so guilty he shows up unannounced, begging for attention. Karen's in tech, but I have attention for him! Like Tom has attention to spare for Sam's family, who look down on his chosen profession. And Derek finally has attention for Rebecca Duvall, whom he promptly sleeps with in her dressing room, presumably to "calm her nerves." Her manager keeps guard, and prevents Ivy Lynn and Ellis from walking in. Good for him.

Over dinner Dev proposes to Karen. but she refuses with the immortal line, "I'm in tech!" So she goes to a hotel room with her castmates, and Ivy Lynn has a sing off. This is my favorite non musical theater song in the song, because Megan Hilty sings the hell out of "I'm Going Down" in front of a window being sprayed with water. She wins by default, because Dev drags Karen away to let her know she's ruined his career. OK, girl. So he promptly picks Ivy Lynn up at a bar. They recognize the names, but they're so pissed at Karen that won't stop the chemistry. History is made at night, y'all.

"Another Op'nin, Another Show," "I'm Going Down"

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