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Film & TV Features Recapping Smash 2.04: 'Connect With Your Body!' Sheryl Lee Ralph stops by to add some class, while Jimmy scowls, Derek pushes his performers to be sexual, and Julia overreacts to criticism.
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Is there any song more joyous in the musical theatre canon than Purlie's "I Got Love," which opens this episode? Jennifer Hudson wraps her voice around that song and runs with it. Impossible to not tap your toes or dance in your seat whenever it comes on. (Highly recommended for your cardio playlist.)

Veronica is singing it during rehearsal for her upcoming concert—you know, the one she mentioned in passing last episode? Well now they've got a Broadway theatre and Derek is thrilled. Just kidding! He's disappointed that Veronica wants to include "I Got Love," her signature song. Her mother (played by Sheryl Lee Ralph with excellent purse work!) begs to differ. As does Tom, who is working as music arranger. For someone who loathes Derek, he sure does work with him a lot. Ivy, too, who steps up when a dancer quits.

Jimmy and Kyle are bickering about what to do with your musical. Jimmy wants a shortcut, but Kyle knows that musicals take a long time to develop. Bzz bzz! Who is it? Jimmy's shortcut, Karen! She calls to have them come into Manhattan and work on Veronica's concert (which will now be filmed by Bravo—man, that's so 2013). They need a song, see? Tom just can't hack it with Veronica's selection.

Did we know that Eileen's Nick is missing? Well, he is, according to Jerry. Which puts Eileen in a tricky position as she tries to navigate the landmines of a federal investigation. It's moot, anyway, because Nick is waiting for Eileen in her apartment. He'll turn himself in to save Eileen. Jerry looks worse and worse, huh? And then, to top it all, Eileen has to step down from Bombshell to free it from the feds, leaving Jerry in charge. Unsurprisingly, Jerry tipped off the feds thanks to Ellis' help. Ellis!

Ivy and Veronica go back to Veronica's days as Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors (would watch!). Meanwhile, Kyle and Jimmy are winning friends and influencing people with their charm—or wait...Who knows how they convinced Jimmy to play in front of Tom, but apparently he and Karen sing three possible songs, none of which impress Tom particularly. So Kyle volunteers to write a song! That day!

While they're cranking out a new tune that will please Tom, Veronica, and Derek, Veronica is trying to do Derek's new take on "I Got Love." It's "a celebration of a woman who has finally gotten some." I feel like there are plenty of existing songs like that? But nevertheless Veronica gamely tries to "connect with her body" as the ensemble writhe around her. For a man being accused of sexual harassment by half a dozen women, perhaps he shouldn't lean so hard on sexuality?

Sheryl Lee Ralph agrees, and threatens to replace Derek with Tom. Foreshadowing! Instead, after a pep talk from Ivy, Derek decides to not be such a monster to Veronica and that means Kyle and Jimmy's song is out! Jimmy takes it well. Or wait... "No one deserves anything in this business. You wait your turn, and you earn it," Derek bellows at Jimmy. Who promptly gets in Derek's face and then demands that Karen quit the concert. Oh, Karen. But Jimmy is apologetic afterwards, when he's done some drugs and kisses Karen in the alley behind the theatre. That seems like a good start.

Speaking of unprofessionalism, Julia confronts The Dramaturg after he changes the names in her script and has his class read it. She thinks she should have gotten a standing ovation from them; he demurs. At Tom's, they drink wine and he gives her the reassurance she so desperately needs, and Julia finally admits to the problems in her script: Every scene needs to be from a man's point of view! Um?

After a stern talking to from Tom, who hands him the sheet music, Derek decides he was right after all and goes back to his original vision. Sorry Sheryl Lee Ralph, this is the Derek Wills Show. That means Veronica is wearing a sequined white mini dress (very Liza Minnelli at Radio City Music Hall!) and does the Sexy "I Got Love." And then, in black sequins, she sings Jimmy and Kyle's song, "I Can't Let Go" as rose petals fall. And because Jimmy is a Straight White Man, he gets to come out on stage (with Kyle in tow) for an on-camera introduction. Hello, Bravo viewers!

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