Rediscovered Vivaldi Work to Be Heard in Dresden

Classic Arts News   Rediscovered Vivaldi Work to Be Heard in Dresden
Vivaldi's Dixit Dominus, a previously unknown work that was discovered in a Dresden library last year, will get its first full performance in more than 250 years this month, Deutsche Presse-Agentur reports.

The piece, an 11-movement work for choir and orchestra, will be played on April 22 at Dresden's Annenkirche by the church's orchestra. Matthias Liebich will conduct.

The score for Dixit Dominus was uncovered by musicologist Janice Stockigt at Dresden's Sachsische Landesbibliotek while she did research on church composers of 18th-century Dresden. It had previously been misidentified as the work of Baldassarre Galuppi.

An excerpt from the piece was performed at Melbourne University last August.

Vivaldi expert Michael Talbot told Gramophone last year that "in terms of sheer musical quality, this is the most important Vivaldi discovery in about 75 years."

Deutche Presse-Agentur notes that another newly uncovered work, a mass by the German Baroque composer Johann Adolf Hasse, will be performed in Dresden on April 16.

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