Maximize Your Thanksgiving Holiday With These Off-Broadway Friday Matinees

Off-Broadway News   Maximize Your Thanksgiving Holiday With These Off-Broadway Friday Matinees
Here's a roundup of Off-Broadway shows offering November 23 afternoon performances.

Looking to maximize your theatregoing over the Thanksgiving holiday? Here's a roundup of Off-Broadway productions with Friday matinees November 23.

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The Book of Merman
Friday, November 23 at 2 PM.
Two Mormon missionaries ring the doorbell of Ethel Merman and hilarity ensues in this new musical comedy. The Book of Merman is a diva-driven journey featuring original songs and show-stopping ballads. It’s delightful. It’s delicious. It’s de-Merman! Starring Carly Sakolove, Nick Pollina, and Kyle Ashe Wilkinson, and directed and choreographed by Joe Langworth.

Daniel's Husband
Friday, November 23 at 2 PM.
Daniel and Mitchell enjoy life as the Perfect Couple. Perfect house, perfect friends, even a mother who wants them to wed. What isn't perfect is that Daniel longs to be married and Mitchell does not. A turn of events forces both men to face the consequences of their opposing views, and they learn that they are living in a world where fundamental rights aren't always so fundamental. Starring Anna Holbrook, Lou Liberatore, Matthew Montelongo, Ryan Spahn, Leland Wheeler, and directed by Joe Brancato.

Gloria: A Life
Friday, November 23 at 2 PM.
Based on the extraordinary life of Gloria Steinem, Gloria: A Life weaves together events from her 50 years in social and political activism. Starting from her early years as an audacious reporter and as a founder of Ms. Magazine, the play features personal stories of the people who inspired her, leading to her evolution into a woman who has inspired generations. Starring Christine Lahti, DeLanna Studi, Patrena Murray, Joanna Glushak, Liz Wisan, Francesca Fernandez McKenzie, Fedna Jacquet, and Brittany K. Allen and Directed by Diane Paulus.

The Hard Problem
Friday, November 23 at 2 PM.
Tom Stoppard's THE HARD PROBLEM: The story of Hilary, a young psychology researcher at a brain science institute, who is nursing the question: where do psychology and biology meet? If there is nothing but matter, what is consciousness? This is ‘the hard problem’ of the play's title and it puts Hilary at odds with her colleagues, including her first mentor Spike, her boss Leo and the billionaire founder of the institute Jerry. Starring Eshan Bay, Adelaide Clemens, John Patrick Doherty, Nina Grollman, Katie Beth Hall, Eleanor Handley, Olivia Hebert, Sagar Kiran, Chris O’Shea, Madeleine Pace, Robert Petkoff, Tara Summers, Jon Tenney, Baylen Thomas, Kim N. Wong, and Karoline Xu and directed by Jack O'Brien.

Jersey Boys
Friday, November 23 at 2 PM.
The story of the legendary Four Seasons, blue-collar boys who formed a singing group and reached the heights of rock 'n' roll stardom. The musical features such Seasons' hits as "Big Girls Don't Cry," "Oh What a Night" and "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You." Starring Aaron De Jesus, Nicolas Dromard, Mark Edwards, Cory Jeacoma, Stephen Cerf, Andrew Frace, Natalie Gallo, Jon Hacker, Christopher Messina, Austin Owen, John Rochette, Jenna Nicole Schoen, Rachel Schur, and Dru Serkes, directed by Des McAnuff, and choreographed by Sergio Trujillo.

Kennedy: Bobby's Last Crusade
Friday, November 23 at 3 PM.
Kennedy: Bobby’s Last Crusade follows Robert F. Kennedy during the fateful 1968 presidential campaign, from his announcement of his intention to enter the race in March, to his last speech on June 4th at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. Featuring a collection of his most famous and impactful speeches, this historical solo play also highlights the personal and less publicized moments of those last four months of the 1968 campaign. Written and performed by David Arrow and directed by Eric Nightengale.

The Other Josh Cohen
Friday, November 23 at 3:30 PM.
The true story of a good guy trying to break a streak of incredibly bad luck. He’s single, broke and just a few days before Valentine’s Day, comes home to find his apartment has been completely robbed. Well, almost; the thief had the decency to leave behind a Neil Diamond CD. Six days later a mysterious letter arrives in his mailbox that changes his life forever. Starring David Rossmer, Steven Rosen, Kate Wetherhead, Hannah Elless, Elizabeth Nestlerode, Luke Darnell, Louis Tucci, and Zachary Spound and directed by Hunter Foster.

Popcorn Falls
Friday, November 23 at 2 PM.
Waiting for Guffman meets Greater Tuna in this wacky backstage comedy about the mishaps and mayhem of putting on a play. Welcome to Popcorn Falls, a small American town, whose only claim to fame - their namesake waterfall - has dried up. Now bankrupt, their last chance is a large grant that can only be used if the town produces a play in a week. Led by the Mayor and the local handyman, the enterprising townsfolk try to rise to the challenge and prove that art can save the world. Starring Adam Heller and Tom Souhrada and directed by Christian Borle.

Puffs, Or: Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School, of Magic and Magic
Friday, November 23 at 2 PM.
Puffs takes a second look at everyone’s favorite world of wizards through the eyes of the Puffs, a lovable group of magical misfits. Starring Madeleine Bundy, Jessie Cannizzaro, Nick Carrillo, Anna Dart, Alex Haynes, Reginald Keith Jackson, Sonia Mena, Andy Miller, Zac Moon, Stephen Stout, and Harry Waller and directed by Kristin McCarthy Parker.

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