Rupert Rhymes Chairs UK Theatres Trust

News   Rupert Rhymes Chairs UK Theatres Trust

Rupert Rhymes, Richard Pulford's predecessor as Chief Executive of SOLT, has become Chairman of the Theatres Trust.

Rhymes, who was presented with a special Olivier Award in recognition of his work with SOLT/TMA, and is a highly respected figure in the industry, will be a popular choice as Chairman of the Theatres Trust, which exists to preserve existing theatres from demolition and change of use.

The Trust's willingness to go along with the proposed redevelopment of the Whitehall and Mermaid theatres has caused considerable disquiet in recent months, but it has argued that as an organization it cannot simply stamp on any proposed change: some theatres are more intrinsically worth preserving than others, and a measure of adaptability - as discussed at the Theatre 2001seminar last year - is essential if the Trust is to pursue the best interests of theatre rather than act as a museum curator.

Whatever the merits of the various arguments involved, Rupert Rhymes' appointment will ensure that the Theatres Trust has a Chairman who has spent his working life in the theatre and will be seen as a safe but constructive pair of hands.

—by Theatrenow

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