Ryan Murphy Gives More "Glee" Details; He's Also Developing a Kristin Chenoweth Series

PlayBlog   Ryan Murphy Gives More "Glee" Details; He's Also Developing a Kristin Chenoweth Series
"Glee" co-creator Ryan Murphy is already hard at work on the hit series' second season, but took time out for yet another press event Aug. 2 in which he revealed more details about the show's future and an intriguing project of his own.

As zap2it.com reports, Murphy is planning to develop another musical comedy series around Tony and Emmy Award winner Kristin Chenoweth, which he says will not be a "Glee" spinoff based on her recurring character on that show, April Rhodes. Murphy told reporters, "I've always wanted to do something for Kristin, and Kristin is a good, close friend of mine obviously, so I'm writing a half hour musical comedy specifically for Kristin because if you can sing like that, I want her to be the star of her own show where she sings. I can't say too much about it yet. Kristin is so funny. I want it to be adult."

Regarding Susan Boyle's upcoming appearance on "Glee," Murphy said, "Susan is on the same label as us. I guess she's a fan of the show. She's coming out with a Christmas album, so the story I want to do for our Christmas episode is have Kurt give her some sort of fantastic makeover and have her sing a song from her album on the show. She'll be playing a character."

Murphy came to the press event straight from initial filming on the show's Britney Spears tribute episode. He said of Spears: "She is arguably the most important female [musician] other than Lady Gaga in the last 10 years, so we're sort of doing an episode not only of her music but also her public image. All the kids on the show, many of them went into singing and dancing because of her. At the heart of it, it's a show designed to show off the skills of Heather Morris, who plays Brittany."

Murphy said the episode was Spears' idea. "I think she loves what the show's about, paying tribute to pop culture in a very loving, respectful, kind way. She responded to that."

The show's "Rocky Horror Picture Show" tribute episode will feature "Time Warp" and will air in the third week of October, Murphy confirmed. He will be directing the episode.

Murphy also revealed that "Hairspray" director and "So You Think You Can Dance" judge Adam Shankman will direct an episode in the season's first half, and that he has talked with "Moulin Rouge" and La Boheme director Baz Luhrman about helming an episode in the future.

Even Paul McCartney's got some "Glee"-mania, it seems. Deadline.com reports that the music legend, whose Beatles songs will be featured in Rain on Broadway this fall, sent Murphy a mix tape of songs he hoped the producer would consider using on the show. I thought I was being punked,“ Murphy commented.

The second season of "Glee" begins Sept. 21 at 8 PM ET on Fox.


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