San Francisco Symphony to Launch $23 Million Education Program in Fresno

Classic Arts News   San Francisco Symphony to Launch $23 Million Education Program in Fresno
The San Francisco Symphony will launch an ambitious education program with a pilot program in Fresno, California, during the 2005-06 school year.

The program, called Keeping Score: MTT on Music, is part of a five-year, $23 million effort aimed at furthering music education in grades K-12 by incorporating music into core subjects such as math, English, and history.

Twenty teachers from the school district will train this summer at Davies Symphony Hall in order to prepare them for the curriculum. They will be taught by SFS educational staff, musicians, and other arts educators.

In its second year, the program will expand to include 25 additional Fresno teachers and will launch in another site somewhere else in California. At the end of the program's planned five years, SFS will have Keeping Score in four California sites and three sites elsewhere in the United States, with 500 teachers and 75,000 students involved.

John Goldman, the symphony's president, said, "The San Francisco Symphony is dedicated to the history, tradition, and emotional human connection of classical music. Keeping Score will help enrich the lives of young people by infusing their core studies with classical music. Exposing students to the power and passion for this type of music will plant the seed of appreciation for the arts for the rest of their lives."

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