Say Hello to a Little Al Pacino in the Making

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Al Pacino's iconic "Say hello to my little friend" bloodbath in the film "Scarface" is an instant pop-culture reference point for many of us. It just so happens that that reference may now mean something to at least a few folks who are barely out of kindergarten.

Here's a YouTube video, posted by one "cindymomof6," in which several young children enact that climatic scene from the film and an abridged version of the altercations that lead up to it. Cindy tells us it's a production put on by "Jaydon's school" – that is one intense drama teacher!

Popcorn stands in for cocaine, and there's a fair amount of "fudge," "motherfudger" and "son of a bee"-type censorship going on, although verbal references to "doing coke and killing people" remain intact. You can see young actors who may have the makings of a dangerous Al Pacino and a pouty, young Michelle Pfeiffer. But it's the sneaky assassin who (possible spoiler alert!) is brought on by an adult woman at the end to finish Al/Tony Montana off who really steals the show – and he knows it!

To view the video, click below:

— Thomas Peter

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