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London News Schedule of Upcoming Off-Broadway Shows

Due to the expansive nature of Off-Broadway, this list is not comprehensive.

• 59E59 Theater A
• First Preview: January 11, 2022
• Opening: January 20, 2022
• Book: Kyle Jarrow
• Music: Duncan Sheik
• Lyrics: Duncan Sheik and Kyle Jarrow
• Director: Steve Cosson
• Cast: Samantha Mathis, Alex Boniello, Jeb Brown, Wyatt Cirbus, Molly Hager, James Yaegashi

An eerie lighthouse stands on the remote coast of Maine at the height of World War II. After losing his parents, young Christopher is sent there to live with his aunt Lily, whom he’s never met, and Yasuhiro, the Japanese man who works for her. Soon, Christopher begins to hear strange music seeping through the walls. Is his imagination getting the better of him? Or are there ghosts here, warning of real danger? Then the whispers become something louder…

• 59E59 Theater C
• First Preview: January 16, 2022
• Opening: January 22, 2022
• Playwright: Nadja Leonhad-Hooper and Amanda Keating, translated by Lizzie Fox
• Director: Lily Riopelle and Molly Clifford
• Cast: Lizzie Fox, Halima Hendrson, Layla Khoshnoudi, Emma Ramos

In The Collision, Sisters Anise, Gudrun, and Gunch spend their days praying, washing clothes, and copying the Bible. When a mysterious object falls from the sky–bringing death, destruction, and...unsettling changes in one of the sisters–they are forced to question: was this God’s work? Or the Devil’s? And what happens when you can't tell the difference between a pervert and a prophet?

The Martyrdom asks: how do you solve a problem like Hrotsvitha? More specifically, how do we solve her 10th century comedy about three Christian virgins who triumph over the Devil by accepting their violent, corporeal deaths as a shortcut to eternal happiness with their Celestial Bridegroom? This raucous adaptation is a road trip through the last millennium with the people (and puppets) who have asked themselves this same question - in hopes that someone else might have the answer.

• Audible Theatre / Minetta Lane Theatre
• First Preview: January 11, 2022
• Opening: January 23, 2022
• Playwright: Eugene O'Neill
• Director: Robert O'Hara
• Cast: Bill Camp, Elizabeth Marvel, Ato Blankson-Wood, Jason Bowen

In a single day, we meet the members of the Tyrone family: the blustering actor-father, the opium-addicted mother, the rebellious older brother and the poetic, sickly younger brother. O'Neill's sprawling drama explores the self delusions and lack of communication that chain the Tyrones together and threaten to destroy them.

• Lincoln Center Theatre @ Mitzi E. Newhouse Theatre
• First Preview: January 13, 2022
• Opening: January 27, 2022
• Libretto: Lynn Nottage
• Music: Ricky Ian Gordon
• Director: Bartlett Sher
• Cast: Dominic Armstrong, Justin Austin, Errin Duane Brooks, Helena Brown, Kearstin Piper Brown, Chanáe Curtis, Adrienne Danrich, Leroy Davis, Matthew Gamble, Arnold Livingston Geis, Christian Mark Gibbs, Tesia Kwarteng, Anna Laurenzo, Justin Lee Miller, Jasmine Muhammad, Naomi Louisa O’Connell, Kimberli Render, Krysty Swann, Chabrelle Williams

Set in 1905 in turn of the century New York, Intimate Apparel tells the story of Esther, a lonely, single African-American woman who makes her living sewing beautiful corsets and ladies’ undergarments. Seeking love and romance, Esther eventually embarks on a letter writing relationship with a mysterious suitor laboring on the Panama Canal. When he moves to New York they embark on an unhappy marriage, leading Esther to realize that only her self-reliance and certainty of her own worth will see her through life’s challenges.

• Atlantic Theater Company/Stage 2
• First Preview: January 14, 2022
• Opening: January 31, 2022
• Playwright: Clare Barron
• Director: Clare Barron
• Cast: Clare Barron, Janice Amaya, Annie Fang, Nina Grollman, Greg Keller, Constance Shulman

Penny flirts at a morbid anatomy museum. Kyle tells stories of dismemberment. Sally turns you on with tea and biscuits, and Shareen prepares a mysterious potion. A study in kink, trauma, pleasure, and revenge…

• Manhattan Theatre Club Stage I
• First Preview: January 11, 2022
• Opening: February 1, 2022
• Playwright: Joshua Harmon
• Director: David Cromer
• Cast: Betsy Aidem, Yair Ben-Dor, Francis Benhamou, Ari Brand, Pierre Epstein, Peyton Lusk, Molly Ranson, Nancy Robinette, Jeff Seymour, Kenneth Tigar, Richard Topol

In 1944, a Jewish couple in Paris desperately awaits news of their missing family. More than 70 years later, the couple’s great-grandchildren find themselves facing the same question as their ancestors: “Are we safe?” Following five generations of a French Jewish family, Prayer For The French Republic is a sweeping look at history, home, and the effects of an ancient hatred.

• Playwrights Horizons/Mainstage Theater
• First Preview: January 12, 2022
• Opening: February 2, 2022
• Playwright: Dave Harris
• Director: Taylor Reynolds
• Cast: W. Tré Davis, Tyler Fauntleroy, Brendan Dalton, Dean Linnard

Tambo and Bones are two characters trapped in a minstrel show. It's mad hard to feel like a real person when you're trapped in a minstrel show. Their escape plan: get out, get bank, get even. A rags-to-riches hip-hop journey, Tambo & Bones roasts America’s racist past, wrestles America’s racist present, and explodes America’s post-racial future — where what’s at stake, for those deemed less-than-human, is the fate of humanity itself.

• New York City Center
• Opening: February 2, 2022
• Book: Charles Blackwell
• Music: Henry Krieger
• Lyrics: Robert Lorick
• Director: Kenny Leon
• Cast: Tracee Beazer, Alexander Bello, DeWitt Fleming Jr., Joshua Henry, TrevorJackson, Shahadi Wright Joseph, Chance K. Smith, Adrienne Walker

The Tap Dance Kid was nominated for seven Tony Awards (including Best Musical) and follows the story of an upper-middle-class Black family and a 10-year-old’s dream of becoming a professional tap dancer despite the challenges posed by his lawyer father and society. Tony Award-winning director Kenny Leon (A Raisin in the Sun) leads this revival, bringing a fresh take to the production with new tap sequences by choreographer Jared Grimes (After Midnight) to hits such as “Fabulous Feet” and a concert adaptation by Lydia Diamond (Stick Fly), reminding us of the power of family and dance as a force of healing.

• Vineyard Theatre
• Opening: February 3, 2022
• Playwright: Charly Evon Simpson
• Director: Summer L. Williams
• Cast: Khandi Alexander, Marinda Anderson, Brittany Bellizeare, Andy Lucien

Angela and Odessa are on a sandy search for something that might not be real but they are determined to make a way out of no way. When they stumble upon ADAH, that’s right THE Celebrity-turned-Wellness-Maven Adah, they decide to follow her lead not knowing that the journey could very well be the cure.

• Theatre For A New Audience/Polonsky Shakespeare Center
• Opening: February 5, 2022
• Playwright: William Shakespeare
• Director: Arin Arbus
• Cast: John Douglas Thompson

Shakespeare’s perennially contested play about corrosive bigotry and blinding vengeance is poised squarely at the radioactive intersection of race, class and religion in Arin Arbus’s production. John Douglas Thompson stars as the ill-used, vindictive money-lender Shylock in his fifth classical collaboration with Arbus. The show’s uniquely diverse company and creative team evoke a deeply stratified Venice suffused with racism, misogyny, classism and homophobia, its connections to our own grievously fractured world vivid, stark and startling.

• The New Group
• First Preview: January 11, 2022
• Opening: February 8, 2022
• Playwright: John Ridley
• Director: Scott Elliott
• Cast: Walter Bobbie, Jennifer Damiano, Brandon Victor Dixon, Tamika Lawrence, Tracy Shayne, Theo Stockman, Ephraim Sykes, Tariq Trotter, Lillias White

Black No More, a new musical inspired by George S. Schuyler’s Afrofuturist novel set during the Harlem Renaissance, is the story of Max Disher who’s eager to try the mysterious machine invented by Dr. Junius Crookman that guarantees to “solve the American race problem” —by turning Black people white.

• 59E59 Theater B
• Opening: February 9, 2022
• Created by Happenstance Theater
• Director: Mark Jaster and Sabrina Selma Mandell
• Cast: Gwen Grastorf, Caleb Jaster, Mark Jaster, Sabrina Mandell, Sarah Olmsted Thomas, Alex Vernon

BAROCOCO dives into the late Baroque and flaunts 18th century finery, wigs, panniers, gestural styling, elaborate ornamentation, and the excesses of Rococo in this unique physical comedy. A charming and charismatic six-person ensemble exposes an indulgent aristocratic lifestyle precariously perched on the edge of its extinction. Happenstance Theater invites you to experience the charade — from parlor games to pantomime, from the exquisite to the revolting — in this delightful comedy of manners.

• The Flea Theatre
• First Preview: February 6, 2022
• Opening: February 11, 2022
• Created by Niegel Smith, Diana Oh, Peter Born, Okwui Okpokwasili, Carrie Mae Weems
• Cast: TBA

Let’s light a light and lay it all down. Out of years of growing national discord comes Arden: A Ritual for Love and Liberation. This genre-bending, boundary-breaking, interactive work, commissioned by The Flea and led by Black and queer artists, creates space for grace and communal practice in the face of indifference and division.

• MCC Theater
• First Preview: January 25, 2022
• Opening: February 13, 2022
• Playwright: Van Hughes, Nick Blaemire
• Director: Ellie Heyman
• Cast: Van Hughes, Nick Blaemire

Space Dogs tells the heartbreaking, mind-blowing true story of Laika and the Chief Designer — a stray dog and the top-secret Russian scientist who sent her to space during the Cold War. It is a sweeping, kaleidoscopic tale of invention, betrayal, international political intrigue, and the immortal friendship that exists between man and dog, as they journey together to the stars.

• Atlantic Theater Company @ Linda Gross Theater
• First Preview: February 4, 2022
• Opening: February 22, 2022
• Playwright: Sanaz Toossi
• Director: Knud Adams
• Cast: Tala Ashe, Ava Lalezarzadeh, Pooya Mohseni, Marjan Neshat

“English Only.” This is the mantra that rules one classroom in Iran, where four adult students are preparing for the TOEFL — the Test of English as a Foreign Language. Chasing fluency through a maze of word games, listening exercises, and show-and-tell sessions, they hope that one day, English will make them whole. But it might be splitting them each in half.

• Theatre Five @ Theatre Row
• Opening: February 22, 2022
• Playwright: Peter Gil-Sheridan
• Director: Jonathan Silverstein
• Cast: TBA

Nobody understands why Jamie wants to leave his cushy law office to work for a non-profit. His best friend is confused, his boyfriend is concerned, and his conservative Cuban-American family are sure they know what’s best. As Jamie announces his plans to serve those less fortunate, one shocking afternoon at the racetrack sparks unexpected and irreversible consequences for them all.

• Signature Center/Alice Griffin Jewel Box Theatre
• First Preview: February 22, 2022
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Dominique Morisseau
• Director: Stori Ayers
• Cast: TBA

Sara, an enslaved woman who wants to fight for the Union in the Civil War, plots an increasingly dangerous path to freedom. Sandra, a brilliant modern-day political science professor, is forced to navigate acts of hostility and the undermining of her authority at work. Leaping back and forth between the parallel struggles of two Black women living 160 years apat, MacArthur “Genius” Fellow Dominique Morisseau (Ain’t Too Proud) takes an unflinching and illuminating look at the complicated and ongoing legacies of institutional racism and gender bias in today’s America.

• New York Theatre Workshop
• First Preview: February 2, 2022
• Opening: February 23, 2022
• Playwright: Aleshea Harris
• Director: Whitney White
• Cast: Stephanie Berry, Thomas Walter Booker, Xavier Scott Evans, Mister Fitzgerald, Josh Fulton, Charisma Glasper, Kai Heath, Shemar Yanick Jonas, Billy Eugene Jones, Kiki Layne, Mariyea, Lizan Mitchell, Adeola Role, Jacob Daniel Smith

Sugarland is on precarious soil—three mobile homes line a southern cul-de-sac replete with years and years of decorative folk-art treasures and keepsakes. Young Sadie calls on generations of matriarchal ancestors to find the truth about her mother while the denizens of Sugarland rise each day to holler for the dead—conscripted soldiers lost to a greedy war—in a ritual reclamation of timeless grief.

• Lincoln Center Theater/LCT3
• First Preview: February 12, 2022
• Opening: February 28, 2022
• Playwright: Bryna Turner
• Director: Jenna Worsham
• Cast: Rebecca S'Manga Frank, Keren Lugo, Carolyn McCormick, Will Rogers, Han Van Sciver, Mary Wiseman

A story of loss, love and redemption, At The Wedding follows the world's loneliest (and wittiest) single woman, Carlo, as she crashes her ex-girlfriend's wedding to a man. Through a series of flirtations, conversations, and collisions with past lovers, old enemies, new friends and perfect strangers, Carlo strives to understand whether or not heartbreak is a permanent human condition.

• New World Stages: Stage V
• First Preview: February 19, 2022
• Opening: February 28, 2022
• Book: Laiona Michelle
• Music: Nina Simone
• Lyrics: Nina Simone
• Director: Devanand Janki
• Cast: Laiona Michelle

Little Girl Blue is a powerful and penetrating new musical exploring the evolution of American musical icon and civil rights activist Nina Simone. From her ascension as classical music prodigy to “High Priestess of Soul” to civil rights activist, this story taps into the legend that is Nina Simone with an honest and powerful portrait of her rich life and her ultimate decline. Feel the passion, joy, and pain of a woman adored by millions – then and now.

• The Space At Irondale
• First Preview: March 2, 2022
• Opening: March 14, 2022
• Book, Music, and Lyrics by Andrew R. Butler
• Director: Jordan Fein
• Cast: Andrew R. Butler, Stacey Sargeant, Rick Burkhardt, Tony Jarvis, Jessie Linden

250 years from now, constructed humans are built in black market labs, Mars is a forced labor camp and underground outlaws are brewing rebellion. You might not remember how Beaux Weathers and her band of “illegal intelligences” fought for the right to exist, but Rags Parkland does. Back on Earth for the first time in 10 years, Rags plays the music that carried us to where we are today. But on this planet, the more things change, the more we stay the same.

• 59E59 Theater B
• Opening: March 15, 2022
• Playwright: Gabriel Jason Dean
• Director: Pirronne Yousefzadeh
• Cast: Mark Cuddy, Owais Ahmed, Mari Vial-Golden

Dr. Harold Banks, an aging professor of Afghan studies in Nebraska, is reeling after his adopted daughter Getee is killed by the Taliban while delivering foreign aid. When Afghan refugee Nazrullah arrives at his door with an incredible story and carrying Getee's prized books, the two men form an unlikely bond. Each is searching for his own brand of forgiveness, but as their friendship develops, Naz accidentally exposes an unexpected source of Dr. Banks’ guilt. How might a CIA propaganda operation over 30 years ago have contributed to Getee’s death? Inspired by true events, Heartland is a story of healing, connection, and the devastating unintentional consequences of our actions.

• New York City Center
• Opening: March 16, 2022
• Book: Cy Coleman, Ira Gassman, and David Newman
• Music: Cy Coleman
• Lyrics: Ira Gassman
• Director: Billy Porter
• Cast: Chuck Cooper, Mykal Kilgore, Ledisi, Ken Robinson

Twelve-time Tony-nominated musical (including Best Musical) The Life dramatizes the complex lives in post-disco Times Square and tells the story of Queen, a prostitute who strives for a better life against all oppressive forces. The Cy Coleman score includes showstopping songs like “The Oldest Profession” and “My Body.” Emmy and Tony Award-winning artist Billy Porter (FX’s PoseKinky Boots) reclaims this musical as this production’s adapter and director to bring forth the gritty, dangerous, and exciting decadence of 1980s New York City and an authenticity to the lives of sex workers.

• Theatre Four @ Theatre Row
• Opening: March 20, 2022
• Book: Russ Kaplan, Sara Wordsworth
• Music: Russ Kaplan
• Lyrics: Sara Wordsworth
• Director: Michelle Tattenbaum
• Cast: TBA

Dory Fantasmagory is a mischievous 6-year-old who just doesn't want to grow up. Her older brother and sister wish she’d stop acting like a baby, but when her siblings need her, it’s Dory’s imagination and bravery that will save the day.

• Second Stage Theatre/Tony Kiser Theatre
• First Preview: March 22, 2022
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: JC Lee
• Director: Stephen Brackett
• Cast: TBA

Is there anything more fabulous than Palm Springs after the end of the world? For one tight group of gay men, a post-pandemic getaway is the perfect chance to reunite, reclaim their time, and replace the gloom with some gossip. But as soon as the drinks start pouring, truths start spilling, and this chosen family quickly realizes the world has changed. So, here’s to navigating evolving friendships and getting things straight…kind of.

• Roundabout Theatre Company - Laura Pels Theatre
• First Preview: March 24, 2022
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Mansa Ra
• Director: Margot Bordelon
• Cast: TBA

Three generations of men live under one roof and grapple with their own truths of what it means to be black and gay. It’s an exploration of pride, pain, and patience through the unflinching eyes of fathers and sons.

• Roundabout Theatre Company - Black Box Theatre
• First Preview: April 7, 2022
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Dave Harris
• Director: Miranda Haymon
• Cast: TBA

How do you make it through detention? In the worst high school in the city, six Black students are stuck in Room 111. They flirt. They fight. They tease. Should they follow the rules and stay put, or find an escape? Are the walls keeping them in, or are stronger forces at play?

• Theatre For A New Audience/Polonsky Shakespeare Center
• Opening: April 23, 2022
• Playwright: Alice Childress
• Director: Awoye Timpo
• Cast: TBA

Set in the deep south at the end of World War I during the flu epidemic, Alice Childress’s seldom-produced masterpiece is one of American drama’s most mercilessly revealing tales of interracial love. A jewel of theatrical concision and detail, the play traces a devoted couple’s caustic confrontations with anti-miscegenation laws, vicious family racism, community disapproval and finally deadly disease and their own long-buried feelings. Wedding Band, written in the heat of the Civil Rights era, speaks with stunning clarity to the public debates of the Black Lives Matter era. Awoye Timpo directs the play’s first New York production since its New York premiere in 1972.

• 59E59 Theater A
• Opening: April 26, 2022
• Playwright: Karen Hartman
• Director: Noah Himmelstein
• Cast: TBA

Like so many great mysteries, it all began in an attic with a dusty old suitcase... The discovery of a stash of over two hundred letters in three languages opens clues to an untold history in The Lucky Star —a gripping true story of resilience and determination, a family torn apart by war, fighting to immigrate, escape and survive. With scenes alternating between past and present, this mesmerizing drama brings Richard Hollander’s book, Every Day Lasts a Year: A Jewish Family’s Correspondence from Poland to the stage, restoring a family’s uncharted legacy.

• 59E59 Theater B
• Opening: April 28, 2022
• Playwright: Karen Hartman
• Director: TBA
• Cast: TBA

In an era just beyond our own, two sisters fight for human connection as they face down a big tech dystopia. A folk-hero professor defends our most intimate relationships, while her sister attempts a perilous inside maneuver within the corporation that owns and sees all.

• Atlantic Theater Company @ Linda Gross Theater
• Opening: April 30, 2022
• Book: Sarah Silverman, Joshua Harmon
• Music: Adam Schlesinger
• Lyrics: Sarah Silverman, Adam Schlesinger
• Director: Anne Kauffman
• Choreographer: Byron Easley
• Cast: TBA

Meet Sarah. She’s funny. She’s dirty. She’s 10. And she’s got a secret that you’ll never guess (unless you read the title).

• Signature Center/Irene Diamond Stage
• First Preview: April 12, 2022
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Samuel D. Hunter
• Director: David Cromer
• Cast: TBA

Inside a cubicle in a small office in southern Idaho, two men struggle to balance the confounding terms on a loan.

• Playwrights Horizons/Peter Jay Sharp Theater
• First Preview: April 13, 2022
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Sanaz Toossi
• Director: Gaye Taylor Upchurch
• Cast: TBA

It’s 1978 and protests are breaking out all across Iran, encroaching on this suburb where a tight-knit circle of girlfriends plans weddings, trades dirty jokes, and tries to hang onto a sense of normalcy. But as the revolution escalates, each woman is forced to join the wave of emigration or face an equally uncertain future at home. With breathtaking humanity and cutting wit, Wish You Were Here chronicles a decade of life during war, as best friends forever become friends long lost, scattered and searching for home.

• 59E59 Theater C
• Opening: May 1, 2022
• Playwright: Karen Hartman
• Director: Jackson Gay
• Cast: TBA

Max, a single lesbian, just gave birth. She’s unemployed, with a house that’s falling apart, an ex on the loose, and no clue how to nurse her newborn. Can Goldie, an Orthodox Jewish lactation consultant, guide Max into motherhood? Or will conflicting family values get the better of them both?

• New York City Center
• Opening: May 4, 2022
• Book: James Lapine
• Music: Stephen Sondheim
• Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim
• Director: Lear deBessonet
• Cast: Sara BareillesChristian BorleHeather Headley, Ashley Park

Among its many rich layers, Into the Woods is a fable about how humans pursue their desires, and what happens when they set aside their individual wishes to create a greater community wish. Directed by Encores! Artistic Director Lear deBessonet, this production ushers in a new annual tradition that brings together Broadway’s brightest stars with a multi-generational group including New York City public school students, to celebrate an iconic American musical and inspire all New Yorkers to find their own way into the work.

• Manhattan Theatre Club Stage I
• First Preview: April 26, 2022
• Opening: May 17, 2022
• Playwright: Anchuli Felicia King
• Director: May Adrales
• Cast: TBA

When enterprising American lawyer Julie Chen files a class-action lawsuit involving a multinational technology corporation and the Chinese government, she hires her strong-minded sister Eva as her translator. But what compromises will they make in order to win? And can they put aside their past differences to speak the same language?

• Tony Kiser Theater
• First Preview: June 14, 2022
• Opening: TBA
• Book: Timothy Allen McDonald
• Music and Lyrics: Elyssa Samsel & Kate Anderson
• Director: Jeff Calhoun
• Choreographer: Paul McGill
• Cast: TBD

Between the Lines is an empowering and enchanting new musical for any of us seeking to find our place in the world. An outsider in a new school, Delilah seeks comfort in the pages of her favorite book, where she feels heard and understood. But as the lines between the two worlds of reality and fantasy begin to blur in extraordinary and astonishing ways, Delilah has to confront whether she alone has the power to rewrite her own story.

• Playwrights Horizons/Mainstage Theater
• First Preview: June 2, 2022
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Will Arbery
• Director: Sam Gold
• Cast: TBA

In Corsicana, a small city in Texas, a woman with Down syndrome named Ginny and her half-brother Christopher are unmoored in the wake of their mother's death. Their close family friend, Justice, introduces them to a local artist named Lot, a recluse and outsider, hoping that he and Ginny can make a song together. That that'll help somehow. In this restless quartet about care-taking and care-giving, in which the very fabric of reality is up for debate, Will Arbery charts the quiet, particular contracts of the heart that forge a new family.

• Roundabout Theatre Company - Laura Pels Theatre
• First Preview: June 23, 2022
• Opening: TBA
• Playwright: Anna Ziegler
• Director: Barry Edelstein
• Cast: TBA

Orthodox Jews Esther and Schmuli are newly married, and their future is written in the laws of the Torah. Secular Jew Abe is a famous novelist who believes he can write his own future…until an unexpected email from a movie star puts his marriage to the test and threatens to prove him wrong.

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